• LOT & Batch Traceability
  • Used in conjunction with our Touchscreen indicator PUE 5.15, PUE 5.19
  • Plan Your Production Orders
  • Ideal for Sending Production Orders to Specific Operators
  • PDF Reporting Function

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  • Processor
  • HD Space
  • RAM
  • OS
  • Display
  • 2 GHz
  • 5 GB Min
  • 2 GB
  • Windows XP / Vista / 7
  • 1024 x 768 pixels

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Additional Info

E2R Formulas is a full recipe weighing and formulation system linked to a company network using a SQL database. The budget nature of this Recipe Weighing System gives users access to an application that previously was beyond their price range.

Recipes and Formulas are assembled on a client PC, works orders are generated and sent automatically to terminals for processing on the shop floor.

The PUE5.15 shop floor terminal allows operators to choose works orders and work on them, as each recipe is completed the data is captured and sent back to the database for reporting. Labelling can be done at each stage of the weighing for traceability through a manufacturing facility.

E2R Formulas – functions:

  • Formulas processing based on Production Orders;
  • Manual and automatic formulas processing;
  • Monitoring of completed Production Orders;
  • Managing of Formulas and Orders;
  • Simple reporting from completed Production Orders and Formulas;
  • Formulas with dosing function;
  • Cooperation with scales series WPW and based on PUE5  terminal;
  • Collecting weighing records from WPW Formula through E2R Synchronizer;
  • Cooperation with scales based on PUE7 (available soon);
  • Collecting weighing records from formulas, orders and free control weighing;
  • Planning Production Orders;
  • Formula filling till reaching set mass;
  • Many time formula realization;
  • Formulas and Orders libraries management;
  • Cooperation with other E2R System modules;
  • Exchange of data with peripheral softwares through Data Synchronizing Module;
  • Cooperation of formulating scales in network;
  • Modification of application look.

Standard reports from E2R Formulas:

  • General report from formulas;
  • Detailed report from formulas;
  • General report from production orders;
  • Detailed report from production orders.