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  • Interactive Touch Screen Operation
  • Full Analysis and Guidance Information Provided
  • Inbuilt Software in 14 Languages
  • The Tanita MC780 Plus is the flagship model
Weighing Capacity 300kg
Weighing Increment 100g
Warranty 5 Years
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Additional Info

The Tanita MC980 Multi Frequency Segmental Body Composition Monitor is the ultimate tool in providing fast in-depth information for truly personalised health or fitness professional consultations. Incorporating the very latest multi-frequency BIA technology with increased data display and the flexibility of in-built Microsoft® Windows® real time operating system software, this monitor has been meticulously designed for fast, convenient and accurate consulting.

The MC 980 provides a full body composition analysis in less than 30 seconds and has an easy to follow colour interactive touch screen display. The in-built software runs in 14 languages and the detailed consultation sheet shows the results, such as segmental analysis, basal metabolic rate and phase angle in an easy-to-read format.

Simplicity at your fingertips
Integrated Windows® for Maximum Flexibility
For the first time a fully featured Windows® real time operating system has been incorporated allowing maximum flexibility in downloading data, uploading updates and connecting printers and other accessories for data output.

Inbuilt Software in 14 Languages
All of the in-built software is displayed in 14 languages (English,German, Spanish, Turkish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Greek and Russian) making the administrator set up and usability simple, fast and stress free.

Interactive Touch Screen Operation
The intelligent extra large touch screen display will effortlessly guide the client through the measurement process through the extra large interactive touch screen display. The user can register their profile data for future use or just take a single measurement.

Full Analysis and Guidance Information Provided
Tanita has incorporated the latest Advanced BIA technology utilising 6 critical frequencies to take a body composition measurement in under 30 seconds.
With the ultra low platform design and high weight capacity of 300kg, the MC980 is suitable even for heavier patients. Once the measurement has been taken, the user can easily see in-depth information, screen by screen, of their results. Key measurements have guidance information boxes to help explain more intricate data.

Registered Users Can Access Previous Measurements
If the user has registered their profile, their body composition analysis will be stored. A full history of each measurement can be shown to highlight their progress helping maintain motivation and understanding of how their body is changing over time.

Detailed Consultation Sheet
A full consultation sheet can then be printed on any Microsoft® Windows® compatible printer for further discussion or future reference. The printer can be connected directly to the MC980 for ease of use.

Database Management Facility
The database management system allows full analysis and manipulation of data suitable for research projects, client data management or programme effectiveness. Data can easily be downloaded to any compatible PC via a simple USB connection.

Modular and Portable
The MC980 construction is modular making transportation very convenient. Due to its clever design, it can be set up in under 5 minutes without any special equipment or tools. The in-built wheels allow for ease of movement from location to location.