MWS Appointed as a Specialist Partner of Radwag

MWS Ltd have been appointed as a specialist partner of Radwag, weighing equipment manufacturers located in Radom, Poland.

The range of automatic check weighers covers capacities and graduations of 0.1g through to 150Kg for heavy sacks and crates.

If you have an application where you require an inline check weigher then please do not hesitate to ask.

Main Applications

  • chemical industry
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • meat industry
  • fish industry
  • tabacco industry

Automatic check weighers are technologically advanced products, intended to be installed in lines where products are required to be checked for weight specification and metal contamination, they provide 100 % control of single loads transported through lines. Multiple manufacturing options and extended menus allow for adjusting the scales to specific client requirements.

Scales have EC type approval issued according to Directive of the European Parliament and the European Council no. 2004/22/EC.