Food manufacturers rely on MWS to provide a range of tailored services, from the supply of new weighing equipment in production and labs through to ongoing professional support via annual service contracts for accredited calibration and preventative maintenance.

MWS are widely regarded as the leading UK manufacturer of stainless steel weighing machinery for the food industry, coupled with our experienced service team for ongoing support you’re in safe hands.

Scales designed by MWS take into consideration stringent performance requirements focussed on removing bug traps and areas where detritus can build up, this helps prevent bacteria from proliferating causing a major hygiene issue.

The GLF Floor Scale shown to the right highlights features important to production and hygiene managers, the hinged top plate enables operators to quick clean under the scale safely and efficiently.Gas Lift Platform Scales

All of MWS products feature a food grade bead blast finish which provides a uniform and hygienic surface, further surface finishes such as a mechanical polish or electro polish are available on request.

Components for scales used in food manufacturing businesses are hand-picked for their robustness and ability

to be readily sourced, something of high importance when considering the overall cost of ownership of new products bought from MWS.

MWS use a range of specially designed load cells that feature IP69K rating to protect against high pressure / high temperature jet-wash clean down processes often found in food manufacturing plants.

MWS provide support to clients who use weighing across their processes, typically we get asked to supply and support load cells and mounting solutions for production vessels, storage tanks and large silos ranging from 15kg through to 120 tonnes to weigh liquids, slurries and powders. Also available are belt weighers, loss in weight feeders and batch control solutions.

It’s safe to assume that MWS have a solution from a main gate weighbridge for weighing bulk loads through to end of line automatic checkweighers and metal detectors manufactured by partners in Italy, MWS offer a complete range of services for food manufacturing clients. Offering the complete range of food industry scales to choose from

Process Weighing Solutions

MWS also supply partners involved in the development of process equipment that require an element of weighing, integration into systems that use PLCs for control such as batch weighers is a common question asked by third parties, having been involved in rectifying poor installations MWS have experience to ensure projects featuring load cells are done right the first time.

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