Laboratory Balances

MWS is an authorised distributor for several Laboratory Balance manufacturers. The range offered covers all aspects of laboratory weighing from 7 decimal place ultra micro balances through to entry level lab scales. MWS can provide full installation, training and IQ/OQ/PQ for verification and validation of the product and installation.

Laboratory Balances

Laboratory balances, analytical scales, moisture analysers, and precision scales are all things you will find in a scientific laboratory. When dealing with the sciences, you want to ensure that you have scales that are accurate, easy to clean, and easy to read. 

There are many different types of analytical scales used in a laboratory setting. Let’s take a look at the various options.

Laboratory Balances

There are a few different types of balances. These are:

Equal Arm Balance Scale

The equal arm balance is the most basic balance on the market, and has been used since Egyptian times. It consists of a pan on each side balanced just perfectly to determine the weight added to a pan.  

Triple Beam Laboratory Balances

The Triple-beam laboratory balances are very common in high school science classes. These offer weights measured in 100 grams, 10 grams, and 1 gram that slide. As you place the object on the scale, you will slide these weights around to counter that weight. When the weight is countered, that is the weight of the object.

Top Loading and Precision Laboratory Balances

Top loading and precision laboratory balances are not balanced scales you want to use if you’re looking for precision. Other scales are much better for that. They also are not for measuring really low weights but to measure items ranging from 150 grams to 10 kilograms. While they are not super accurate, their speed makes up for this. This type of scale is typically digital and very easy to use.  

The analytical balance is most useful in measuring small quantities. They are usually used to measure things that are as low as 1 gram and only go up a few kilograms. These are some of the most precise scales on the market and typically have the measuring pan enclosed to prevent dust and other abnormalities from giving the wrong reading. 

Semi-Micro, Micro, Ultra Microbalances

When it comes to measuring small amounts, the semi-micro, micro, and ultra microbalances are what you should consider. These generally have a max capacity of 10 grams and are super accurate most precision scales for these small amounts.  

Moisture Analysers

Moisture analysers are also very important in a laboratory setting, just as important as laboratory balances. When setting up a proper laboratory, Micro Weighing Solutions has you covered. We offer a wide selection of analytical scales and moisture analysers to choose from. Many of our scales are manufactured to allow them to be cleaned and sanitised without any issues. This is very important when dealing with scales in the laboratory, as safety and sanitation are key components of the process. We understand that and produce our products to endure these sorts of situations.

Whether you are looking at laboratory scales or scales to weigh your commercial trucks, we have you covered here at Micro Weighing Solutions. Our engineers take all your details into consideration in order to develop the perfect solution for you. Call or speak to our amazing customer service team online today.