Check Weighing Scales / Portion Control Weighing Solutions

MWS offers a variety of weighing scales with traffic light functions to guide operators who are filling to target weights.

Check Weighing

The manufacturing and production of produce and packaged foods is on the rise, but profit margins remain very slim. Because of this, it is important to keep the amount per package under control, as many times products are manually placed into the various packages. Labour is the second most costly component of these sorts of operations. While it is important, and those packing are informed of the level of importance, we often find that they don’t take it all that seriously. However, with traffic light scales, check weighers, portion control scales, and under-over scales, there will be distinct signs that will not slow down packaging but ensure the right amount per package is given each and every time. 

Traffic Light Scales

These scales help those packaging these products as they don’t have to worry about looking at numbers but something much more straightforward. The idea behind the Traffic Light Scales, Check Weighers, or Portion Control scales is to keep the packers within a weight limit. These scales will have red and green lights as red means stop, and green means go. These are simple tactics that allow anyone to understand across any language barrier.  

Many scales can send signals to lights or buzzers. This allows these to function as traffic light scales, which makes it easier for those using the scales to know if they are in range. These sorts of scales are, again, used mostly in food packaging.

Check weighers and portion control scales are different names for these scales. These scales are meant to simplify the weighing process to ensure that the products are packaged as they should be. While in the manufacturing process, the package portion is often done by machines, but when it is not, there is room for error.  

Portion Control Scales

Portion control scales are used to ensure that the portions are as they should be. These are used in delis and cafeterias as well as the meat counters and other places. Most portion control scales are used in the food industry but can also be used in other industries as well. For example, they could be used on a farm to ensure that the animals have the appropriate supplements. 

Whatever the reason for needing under-over scales, portion control scales, or stop light scales, we offer an excellent selection of fantastic quality scales to choose from.

If you are in the market for scales, Micro weighing Solutions is happy to assist. We work with our clients to find the very best solutions for their needs. Most of our scales offer easy-to-read digital outputs that can be connected to lights and bells to allow them to be transformed into Traffic Light Scales, Check Weighers, Portion Control, or under over scales. Call today or contact our online support team that is ready and waiting to help.