Across the vast array beverage manufacturing plants’ you will find an array of weighing equipment, from simple laboratory balances for measuring finite ingredients to large process weighing systems that allow businesses to blend and mix raw materials into a final product.

MWS have supplied distilleries across the world with ATEX weighing products designed for sue where there is a risk of explosion due to flammable gasses given off in the manufacturing process and storage areas. MWS have supplied some of the finest whisky manufacturers in Ireland and Scotland to measure the angel share while spirits stored away for many years in casks.

In breweries where there is often an abundance of water, supplying weighing equipment that stand the rigours of everyday brewing has been a niche MWS has been involved in for a number of years. Providing load cells and mounts is an easy task, however is is vital to understand some principles of weighing, not limited to knowing how vessels and tanks deflect underload and avoiding interference from external factors, such as pipes which are often clamped tight onto tanks without flexible joints to allow free movement.

The range of MWS process weighing solutions provide IP rated load cells linked to process controls and load cell amplifiers connecting into complex batching systems.

MWS supply a range of “end of line” product inspection solutions such as checkweighers and conveyor scales to check target weights plus x-ray devices to monitor fill levels in bottles.

It’s safe to assume that MWS have a solution from a main gate weighbridge for weighing bulk loads through to end of line automatic checkweighers and metal detectors manufactured by partners in Italy, MWS offer a complete range of services for food manufacturing clients.

Process Weighing Solutions

MWS also supply partners involved in the development of process equipment that require an element of weighing, integration into systems that use PLCs for control such as batch weighers is a common question asked by third parties, having been involved in rectifying poor installations MWS have experience to ensure projects featuring load cells are done right the first time.
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