Check Weighing Terminals

Check Weighing Terminals are used for monitoring items being weighed to a set target. The displays can change colour or provide progress bars as the operator loads the scales. Applications include portion control for factories measuring out ingredients placed onto ready meals through to counting scales with traffic lights for checking box completion.

A static check weigher is a machine designed to weigh products or items that are not moving. It is a type of check weigher that is widely used in production lines to classify products based on preset weight zones. The static check weigher can be integrated into automation systems and can provide new generation industrial bench and platform scales.

This machine is a vital tool in preventing underfilled and overfilled packages, minimising waste, reducing rework time, ensuring completeness for packaging, and ensuring brand security. There are different types of check weighers, including static and dynamic check weighers. The static check weigher is ideal for weighing products that do not move, while the dynamic check weigher is suitable for weighing products that are in motion.

Factors to consider when selecting a check weigher include product characteristics, environmental conditions, software and connectivity, combination systems, regulations and certifications.