Combination Checkweigher

Combination Checkweighers feature a Metal Detector or X-Ray System combined with an automatic check weigher to create an all-in-one product inspection solution.

These high performance units are compact and easily installed into a production line in less than 2 hours. A combination system maximises the space by combining a metal detector and checkweigher into one complete unit.

These high precision checkweighers are designed for a range of industries, from pharmaceutical to ready meals manufacturers where pack weight is declared and must be adhered to, this is covered by the Three Packer Rules, they cover a range of production processes and can monitor in real time filling and dosing systems. Enhanced quality assurance is achieved by checking every pack.

MWS supplies a range of stainless steel industrial checkweighers from Prisma. If there is not a standard checkweigher system available from the portfolio, then we can design and manufacture one to suit almost all applications.

Weight measurement in real time of products on a dynamic weighing system such as a combination checkweigher enable businesses to monitor costs and increase bottom line savings.

More details are available from the manufacturer’s website: Prisma Industriale.