BRC Specification Metal Detectors

MWS supply Prisma Industriale metal detectors for the food and pharmaceutical processing and packaging industries.

Prisma metal detectors are designed and manufactured in Italy using recognised parts making service and support simple with a low overall cost of ownership. MWS can provide leasing plans to spread the cost of capital equipment over a number of years.

All metal detection units supplied by MWS can come with a range of specifications to meet BRC Standards or leading supermarket requirements such as M&S, Tesco and Sainsburys.

Supermarket Specification Metal Detectors

Over time leading supermarkets have created their own “codes of practice” (COP) which must be complied with, manufacturers who want to supply their products into their stores need to consider the COP with regards to Metal Detector procedures and specifications.

Supermarkets have prized longstanding brandnames that they need to protect, this means their downstream supply chain must meet their COP before they can become an approved supplier to their network of stores.

When buying a Metal Detector it is important to consider any future contracts or new clients you may wish to deal with, a large investment today maybe not suitable tomorrow if a new client decides that the specification does not meet their standards or an existing customer is in the process of adopting new standards, it is important that you consider any potential deals or new clients before buying a new metal detector.

BRC Specification Metal Detectors

As well as meeting Supermarket Specifications MWS also supply metal detectors that meet the BRC standards of their updated version 8 food safety standards.

Please contact us to learn more about the BRC Specifications or Supermarket Specifications required on a metal detector you’re thinking of purchasing to ensure compliance with the varying “Code of Practice”.