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  • Centralised monitoring of all the connected machines
  • Complete control of every single machine, configurable remotely
  • Trace every single product, crucial in the event of claims
  • Reset the machine to previously used set-ups
  • Identify production trends and possible anomalies
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All the PRISMA units are equipped or can be equipped with an Ethernet outlet to connect to the network and communicate with the DMT data collection and processing system installed on a company server.

DMT (Data Manager Tracking) records every single product transit on every single machine, centralises the data and provides Production Managers and Quality Managers with a series of essential statistics and functionality in real time to guarantee conformity with standards, protect the brand, prevent product waste and optimise the processes.

DMT centralises important goals like:

  • centralised monitoring of all the connected machines
  • complete control of every single machine, configurable remotely
  • trace every single product, crucial in the event of claims
  • reset the machine to previously used set-ups
  • identify production trends and possible anomalies

DMT uses simple, intuitive interfaces: from the primary dashboard, which provides an overview on production and signals any anomalies, on to the “synoptic” pages to compare the activities of different machines, up to production data details.

DMT can be accessed from any customer computer, protected by a 3-level password. There are also versions of the package with the CFR 21 Part 11 validation used in the pharmaceutical sector.

DMT is compatible not only with all PRISMA machines but with any instrument with an Ethernet interface.