MWS have been manufacturing weighing equipment, traceability software and support to a number of Meat, Fish and Dairy processors for a number of years.

The comprehensive range of weighing equipment and software feature across whole production and processing sites from goods-in through to despatch, MWS provide solutions for all types of process and monitoring along the journey through the factory.

MWS flagship software solution “WeighLogic” is currently being used by some well know household manufacturers to manage goods-in, stock control, recipe weighing, labelling, waste traceability, batch yields and goods-out.

Stand alone solutions include small portion control weighing scales through to large platform scales and tote bin weighers, al designed and manufactured at the factory in Leicester.

End of line inspection products include Automatic High Speed Checkweighers, Metal Detectors, Combination Checkweighers and X-Ray Contamination systems to ensure product quality.

It’s safe to assume that MWS have a solution from pilot plant projects through to large scale process weighing systems and end of line automatic checkweighers and metal detectors manufactured by partners in Italy, MWS have a complete range of services and supply on offer for businesses engaged in food manufacturing and their supporting companies.

MWS also supply partners involved in the development of process equipment that require an element of weighing, integration into systems that use PLCs for control such as batch weighers is a common question asked by third parties, having been involved in rectifying poor installations MWS have experience to ensure projects featuring load cells are done right the first time.