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Report Features

  • Total Waste covering all or specific lines
  • Total Waste identified for specific reasons
  • Total Waste recorded by an individual operator
  • Monetary Values of product wasted
  • Waste Targets achieved and missed
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Waste Management System

Improving your waste management and identifying key areas for improvement will ultimately save you money. Our waste management system, called TraceWaste will provide you with the accurate reports you need to achieve this. We are taking waste management to a new level with the TraceWaste solution; controlling your waste at shop floor level reliably and efficiently is a key step in continuous improvement, as every percent saved is added to your bottom line figures. Our TraceWaste solution is fast and simple to operate, ensuring that the waste is accurately recorded against a variety of pre-determined parameters.

The TraceWaste software can work independently on each touchscreen terminal, be networked across a site or even communicate off site with head office. All weighing records are fed back to a management package based on the SQL server package.

The Software

The process in which the waste is recorded can be set to work in your own way; clients typically have different ways of working and prefer to implement systems based on their own process. The beauty of our software is that it can be implemented easily and quickly by a supervisor or manager. An example process could be:

        • Operator ID
        • Location waste was created
        • Waste type
        • Reason for the creation of the waste
        • Time/date of waste recording
        • Quantity or weight in kg


The 15.6″ Windows embedded touchscreen terminal, made in Europe, is rugged enough to meet the most demanding environments; manufactured in 304 stainless steel and rated to IP67, our terminal is ideal for wet or dusty food businesses. The terminal can be linked with up to 4 independent weighing stations – an example system would include a small set of scales weighing waste that is up to 30kg with a larger bin type scale with roll on / roll off design, then connected to your outdoor waste receptacle, skip/silo to keep an eye on levels before and after collection by third parties.