MWS Weighing Solutions have been providing equipment and support to a number of Pharmaceutical and Household product manufacturers for a number of years.

Typically clients operating in this industry require the highest level of equipment and support to ensure their manufactured products meet stringent regulations issued by organisations such as the United Kingdom’s Regulatory Agency MHRA

Weighing systems utilised by organisations conducting trials of pharmaceuticals use MWS for traceable UKAS calibration of laboratory balances accurate to 7 decimal places of a gram.

Hygienic considerations feature heavily in weighing products tailored for the food industry, to ensure they meet the critical higher demands imposed by pharmaceutical and healthcare clients an additional range of finishes such as mechanical polishing and electro polishing are available to reach a sub 0.89μ (micron) finish.

The Electro polishing process combines and electric current and chemicals to remove surface material from the stainless steel; it is an effective method for the removal of burrs caused during the manufacturing process, fold marks, inclusions in the material and other abnormalities commonly found. As part of the process MWS always bead blast 2B stainless steel prior to the Electro Polish process. Electro polishing leaves the surface extremely smooth making the scale far easier to clean.

Within the MWS range are a number of ATEX weighing products that intrinsically safe protection to Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21 and Zone 22 areas.

As part of the MWS supply process they carry out IQ/OQ/PQ verification and validation to check the product supplied meets requirements and specifications and that it fulfils its intended purpose.

MWS provide a range of support services such as traceable UKAS calibration and Minimum Weight testing for measuring the performance of weighing equipment. Also available from MWS via laboratory manufacturing partners is equipment meeting CFR21 standards.

It’s safe to assume that MWS have a solution from pilot plant projects through to large scale process weighing systems and end of line automatic checkweighers and metal detectors manufactured by partners in Italy, MWS have a complete range of services and supply on offer for pharmaceutical and healthcare manufacturing clients.

MWS also supply partners involved in the development of process equipment that require an element of weighing, integration into systems that use PLCs for control such as batch weighers is a common question asked by third parties, having been involved in rectifying poor installations MWS have experience to ensure projects featuring load cells are done right the first time.