About Us

Micro Weighing Systems was established in 1994, by current Managing Director Richard Clarke, a veteran within the weighing industry with over 40 years of experience. In 1997 the business became MWS Ltd and Andrew Clarke joined as an assembly engineer. Building on the success of the Micro 3000 and 4000 indicators a new range of weighing equipment was developed for the food industry, emphasis was placed on hygiene and design aesthetics, developing simple weighing products with a low cost of longterm ownership has been at the forefront of MWS ethos since the beginning.

Design & Manufacture

MWS gained an enviable name within the industry as a manufacturer of high quality equipment with many large Weighing Scale manufacturers buying the product range to rebadge as their own. To this day MWS still manufacture equipment for the biggest names in the weighing industry, a testament to the quality and innovation of MWS products.

Service & Calibration

In 2005 MWS bought Betterweigh, a Leicester based service and calibration company, this added a new dimension to the MWS supply portfolio. Two members of Betterweigh remain with MWS and are key in the ongoing success of the business.

A 360 degree company

MWS can count themselves as one of the only UK-based suppliers of weighing scale companies that can design, manufacture, install and maintain weighing equipment – a beginning to end supply process.


Registered under the ISO9001:2008 scheme for quality assurance in service, calibration, design and manufacture via the National Measurements Office. MWS are also approved for the self verification of trade approved weighing machinery.