Full Plate Weighbridge

Large scale full plate Weighbridges from Micro Weighing Solutions
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Full Plate Weighbridge

A weighbridge is a form of truck scale used in the commercial industry to weigh the load and truck all in one. They are typically very robust as they are responsible for the weight of very large commercial trucks. Weighbridges go back to the early 1900s. However, they have come a long way since then. Today Weighbridges are digital and can keep track of all sorts of information. These large HGV (Heavy Good Vehicle) weighing systems are perfect for weighing trucks.  

Many times goods are sold by weight. A weighbridge is used to find the weight of what is being shipped. This is where they know the weight of the original truck and trailer and weigh everything to subtract that weight. This calculation will allow the operator to understand the weight of their load. This is one form of weighing trucks.

Large HGV Weighing

Overweight trucks are more at risk of accidents as they cannot stop as they were designed. If the weight isn’t distributed properly, the truck can get off-balance, causing other roadway issues. This will also add to the wear and tear of the truck, leading to other issues down the road. There are other reasons that we don’t want our commercial trucks to be overweight limits. Things such as causing road damage and the reduction of road longevity. Bridges also take a toll when overloaded trucks are out on the road. That’s why there are weighbridge and lorry scales. The HGV weighing systems are made to ensure that the roads are protected on all levels of overloaded trucks.

Lorry Scales

There are two ways to weigh a Lorry. These two ways are axle weight pads and weighbridges. However, the loads can be weighed before they are loaded onto the truck. Pallet weights could do these in bulk. Each box or container could be weighed and then added to make up the weight of each pallet as well.

While we can all agree there are many reasons for a weighbridge or lorry scales, we should look deeper into the systems to find what is best for the purpose needed. These scales used to be very primitive. But, in this day and age, they are full of technology. Software is combined with these large HGV weighing systems. There is software that can keep track of all kinds of data to help a factory be more productive.  

Micro Weighing Solutions

Micro Weighing Solutions is proud to offer some of the best large HGV weighing systems, weighing scales, and lorry scales for weighing trucks. However, this is only one of many of our weighing systems. We take pride in our scales and their quality. 

We believe that your scales are an integrated part of your manufacturing systems. There are many reasons that factories need to weigh various materials and products. Because of this, there are many ways to weigh things. Take a look around. We are certain you will agree that we offer some of the best selection around.