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  • Gestruck weighbridge software
  • Gestruck weighbridge software
  • Gestruck weighbridge software
  • Gestruck weighbridge software


  • Customisable software
  • User permission management
  • Tickets
  • Static and dynamic weighing
  • Management of system information
  • Vehicle weighing register
  • Tickets and reports printing
  • Weight manual input
  • Users identification
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Additional Info

GesTruck software provides access control and production yield, and comes in three variations:

1. Gestruck Slim

Gestruck slim is the standard version, easy and mono use. For installations of up to two scales in a weighing zone.

2. Gestruck 1

Multi-sector version for installations of up to five industrial scales, access and presence control. Installation triels, access control and presence. Installation on a single computer.

3. Gestruck Pro

Multisectorial version. It allows to integrate all the modules and to accede using a mobile devices. Network installation.


With GesTruck2 users can register and process, in a quick and efficient way, the traffic in their weighbridges