ATEX Weighing Scales

MWS designs and manufactures a range of weighing scales compliant with ATEX regulations and legislation plus the IECEx international certification standards.


Choosing the right weighing equipment supplier for ATEX scales is an important decision. Unfortunately the internet is littered with businesses who offer ATEX Weighing Scales with little to no experience or knowledge about applications found in hazardous areas.

A hazardous area is defined as any location where there is a potential risk of an explosion happening. MWS has the experience and knowledge to understand your application and deliver the right ATEX weighing scale and/or accessories for your needs. We understand that every hazardous area is different and each application has specific requirements that must be met or adhered to depending on the nature of the atmosphere and the explosive elements that are present.

If you operate in hazardous environments, where there is a risk of flammable liquids and gases we have a range of Zone 1 and Zone 2 devices. For areas where dust is a risk factor we have a range of Zone 21 and Zone 22 scales. Often scales cover both Gas & Dust ratings, however there are circumstances where some scales are only rated to Gas or Dust.

MWS also work with well known OEM system builders that supply a range of ATEX load cells, load cell amplifiers, zener barriers and platform scales.