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  • LPBS Low Profile Mobile Barrel Scale


  • The LPBS is a four load cell compact mobile scale with rear stand for terminals and/or battery brackets
  • Low profile design enabling operators to weigh products easily
  • ATEX Model features Anti Static Castors, ATEX Rated Load Cells & Intrinsically Safe ATEX Rated Junction Box
  • The LPBS is highly manoeuvrable due to the four swivel & braked stainless steel castors
  • Lower cost of ownership due to long-term lifespan of the product and components fitted
  • Lifetime warranty on the structural integrity of the fabrication, other components are covered for 5 years
Material 304 or 316 Stainless
Load Cells Flintec SLB / IP67 OIML
Finish Glass Bead Blast
Manufacturer MWS Ltd
Price From £2,995.00
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Additional Info

Manufactured in the UK by MWS, the LPBS is a precision-engineered weighing solution ideal for weighing barrels and drums. Featuring a four load cell configuration for accuracy and stability, its low-profile design facilitates effortless product weighing.

The ATEX model ensures safety in hazardous environments with Anti-Static Castors, ATEX Rated Load Cells, and an Intrinsically Safe ATEX Rated Junction Box. With four swivel and braked stainless steel castors, the LPBS offers exceptional manoeuvrability.

Model Weighing Area
Load Height
Max Capacity
LPBS50 500 x 500 50 705 x 720 300 N/A
LPBS75 750 x 750 50 955 x 970 300 N/A
LPBS50A 500 x 500 50 705 x 720 300 1 / 21 / 2 / 22
LPBS75A 750 x 750 50 955 x 970 300 1 / 21 / 2 / 22
Custom Indicator Bracket (Universal Bracket as Standard)
Upgrade to Flintec SB14 / IP69K Load Cells
316 Stainless Steel Material
Electro Polish Finish
Custom sizes, Heights & Construction