Scale Calibration Services

Micro Weighing Solutions is one of the only UK weighing manufacturers that provides a truly end-to-end weighing service, from design and manufacturing of scales through to installation, calibration and on-going service and maintenance.   

Our service and calibration teams have decades of experience in the industry and operate out of both the Head Office in Leicester and the Northeast Service Centre located in County Durham. This means we can travel nationwide to carry out maintenance and calibration of all types of weighing products from analytical lab balances through to weighbridges and silos. We also provide a scale repair service to get your equipment back up and running.  

Traceable Scale Calibration

The MWS service team visits clients’ sites to carry out routine preventative maintenance and traceable scale calibration. MWS is ISO 17025 UKAS and ISO 9001 accredited, and also has the ability to self verify for trade approval of Class III weighing equipment. External audits and accreditation are awarded by the National Measurements Office. 

MWS is a member of the UK Weighing Federation and our services is compliant with their “Code of Conduct”. 

Calibration Procedures

As part of the service visit, the weighing machine is tested in an “as found” state. This provides you with the ability to monitor the performance of the asset from the last time it was adjusted. 

If the weighing machine is deemed to be outside of pre-determined tolerances, then the next step is the calibration and adjustment of the weighing machine. These readings are then logged as the “definitive” results on the calibration certificate. It is important to properly calibrate your scales on a regular basis; the frequency can be recommended based on monitoring previous definitive results and as found results. Wide variations could mean increased visits are necessary to eliminate errors being left too long. 

The calibration and adjustment of balances and scales can be carried out to ISO 9001 2015 standards or ISO IEC 17025 UKAS standards. We have calibrated sets of calibration weights to perform adjustments for everything from 7 place ultra-micro balances through to weighbridges. 

If you require measurement uncertainty, then we recommend UKAS calibration procedures for a far more comprehensive test of the performance of your weighing scale or laboratory balance. MWS has UKAS accreditation and can arrange quotes to carry out this high level of calibration. 

Calibration Certificates

All documentation of the scale calibration is created in electronic PDF format, which ensures clients can easily request or download their certificates in the event of them being misplaced. 

All certificates are uploaded to the MWS online portal for easy retrieval. This includes up-to-date weight certificates, company insurance documents, health & safety policies, risk assessments and method statements. “Specific task” risk assessments are available upon request. 

Reasons to choose MWS:

Client Benefits:

  • Increased life span of weighing equipment
  • Expert technical advice and support
  • Fast replacement of lost certificates
  • Big savings on load cells and spare parts
  • Lower ongoing maintenance costs

Leicester Head Office

Located just outside Leicester on the A6/A46 Interchange, MWS’ head office has a dedicated in-house service team. Our field-based engineers are strategically located to provide optimum weighing scale services nearby to the midlands and southern regions. 

Northeast Service Centre

Strategically located just outside Chester-le-Street in County Durham, our regional service centre covers the North region of England and Scotland. Our north east scale calibration team is ready to help with any weighing scale and laboratory UKAS calibrations.

Accreditations, Certifications & Memberships:

When choosing a service business to carry out the maintenance and calibration of your weighing machinery, it’s important to consider the capability of the business. Micro Weighing Solutions holds all of the relevant accreditations required to carry out traceable calibration.

Our team of service engineers consists of experienced professionals who have a strong background in the weighing industry. We also have several junior engineers and apprentices who are mentored by our senior team.  

As part of our commitment to the industry, we continue to invest in a high level of training for our employees – this ensures our service engineers are constantly developing their skills which benefits our clients. 

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