MWS have been manufacturing and supplying industrial weighing equipment into a number of manufacturers specialising in the paint, ink and adhesive industry. As part of the range of value-added services offered to these clients to ensure full compliance, optimum performance and minimal downtime, these services have included traceable calibration, preventative maintenance and breakdown support which have been a mainstay of the MWS business since 2005.

Typically clients operating in this industry and manufacturing solvent based products require equipment that is fully compliant ATEX regulations, MWS have a range of products that provide intrinsically safe protection to Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21 and Zone 22 areas.

Weighing equipment manufactured and supplied by MWS range from platform scales and weigh stations through to load cells for reactors, vessels and storage tanks.

MWS provide a range of support services such as traceable UKAS calibration and Minimum Weight testing for measuring the performance of weighing equipment where products manufactured are utilised in the automotive and aerospace industries.

It’s safe to assume that MWS have a solution from small simple weighing projects through to large scale process weighing systems with batch process control, MWS have a complete range of services and supply for clients operating in the Paints, Inks & Adhesives Industry.

MWS also supply partners involved in the development of process equipment that require an element of weighing, integration into systems that use PLCs for control such as batch weighers is a common question asked by third parties, having been involved in rectifying poor installations MWS have experience to ensure projects featuring load cells are done right the first time.