Process Control Terminals

This range of terminals provides OEM integrators the opportunity to connect weighing systems into PLCs and DCS devices to control and measure weighing processes. We receive a high volume of interest in these terminals from businesses looking to add weighing equipment into processes to monitor fill levels, or create dosing or dispensing solutions.

These amplifiers can be connected to all types of load cells – call us for advice and help in building your process weighing application.

Process Control Terminals

We offer a variety of components that will allow our customers to connect their weighing system to their DCS or PLCs. This enables them to measure and control the weighing process, and is a perfect solution for those looking for weighing systems that will allow the users to process and monitor the fill levels to create dosing and dispensing of solutions. There is a wide array of options to choose from, and we offer both digital output as well as analogue outputs to meet the needs of our customers.


Our options for connectivity to other systems include:

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Control IO is a revolutionary way that many factories use to start their automation process. With this concept, factories use our various components such as analogue outputs, process weighing, and load cell amplifiers. This ensures their automation is up to expectations. Control IO allows people to connect to PLCs, which allows the weighing process to be a part of their manufacturing process, all without having to rely on people. This also prevents the interruption of operations to ensure that each and every component is carefully weighed to offer a reliable solution.

Reasons for Process Weighing

Process weighing is common with products that have a set amount of product inside packaging, for example, and is used in a variety of industries. The system can be set up to read the levels that each of the products should contain. Think of all the products you purchase with the weight on the side of the package – that weight has to be managed in this manner.

Each of these components is a part of a more extensive overall system that will connect to PLCs. This gives the operator accurate readings that they need and allows for various operations to ensure that what was supposed to be dispensed into the packaging actually is. For example, it can be used to measure various components for a recipe. There are many reasons that one might need components such as load cell amplifiers, analogue outputs, and ways to process weighing. However, this might get a bit confusing for those that are not used to these components and setup.

Micro Weighing Solutions offers affordable weighing solutions that work for all applications. These components enable you to put your weighing needs in line with your various manufacturing processes. You can also choose from our other product lines, such as above-ground floor scales, portable scales, bench scales, and more. We take weighing products very seriously and understand the various need for different process applications.

Components to Assist with Weighing During Manufacturing

We understand that our components can be a little more complex than our customers want to think about. However, our engineers can help you determine what product line is perfect for you. We can assist you with a variety of different scale options as well. These are perfect components for those looking to automate their weighing process within their manufacturing systems. There are many other heavy-duty scale options to take a look at. 

If you are in the manufacturing world and don’t know where to start, we can help. Simply give us a call, or chat online with our highly trained customer service team.