Scales for the Transport & Logistics Industry

MWS has been manufacturing and supplying transport and logistics companies with weighing solutions for a number of years. Over this time the product portfolio has grown significantly, from platform scales through to dynamic axle weighbridges used by some of the largest hauliers in the United Kingdom.

Working alongside experienced OEM partners, MWS provides a full spectrum of products such as conveyors, dimensioning systems, automatic labelling scanners and barcode label appliers.

Scale Calibration Services

Typically clients operating in the transport and logistics industry face equipment that is a single point of failure; as a supplier of services we recognise the value in a first fix support package.

We provide a range of solutions for the transport and logistics industry from small simple weighing projects through to large scale process weighing systems with batch process control.

As part of the supply of product, we provide a number of value-added services to ensure full safety and legal compliance with standards. These services include traceable calibration, preventative maintenance and breakdown support, all of which have been a mainstay of the MWS business since 2005 and ensures optimum performance and minimal downtime.

Weighing Projects Supported by MWS

Large projects, such as the supply of 10,000kg Cargo Scales with integral castors into regional UK airports’ freight providers, are well within the remit and capability of the MWS team, having recently undertaken the manufacture of a turnkey product build for a global weighing company.

Other weighing equipment available from MWS includes Pallet Weighing Scales, notably Pallet Truck Scales, Portable Weigh Beams and Large Platform Scales.

We also work with partners involved in the development of logistics equipment that require an element of weighing, and can integrate with products that use weighing such as automatic conveying scales through to integration with Dimensioning Weighing solutions. This work is done with our partner Acrovision who use well known and supported products to ensure maximum uptime in a demanding environment that requires robust equipment.

At MWS we have years of experience in providing weighing automation for logistics integration. Contact the knowledgeable team today to seek guidance on your next project.