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Vehicle Weighing Scales

Weighing vehicles and semi-trucks in the logistics arena is very common. This is very necessary and is done by axle weighing, weighing vehicles, truck scales, and weighbridges. However, this isn’t such an easy task. Many times these are huge vehicles. They will need a scale that can handle these types of loads. It also has to have a low profile so that the vehicle can get up onto it easily. There are various ways to do this, and we hope to help. We hope that you will learn and understand the various methods in this article and which method would work best for you.

Weighbridges Truck Scales

There are scales that most semi operators are very familiar with. Weighbridges truck scales are usually in a fixed area, and the trucks are driven up onto them. The advantage of weighbridges scales is that many trucks can be weighed in a very short period of time. The scales are installed so that a truck can quickly drive up onto the scale, be weighed, and drive off.

Portable Scales

Portable scales are used to ensure that the vehicle is within legal limits for what it is hauling. There are many rules on the roads, and having portable truck scales can give the driver peace of mind that they will not face heavy fines. These scales are used to measure a vehicle at the axel. The user interface is straightforward and clear to what the weight is. These are made of special aluminum to ensure that they are, in fact, portable.
Portable scales are designed to be used in even the harshest working conditions. An integrated printer on board will help with track and tracing. This will print off the axel’s weight, the vehicle’s identification code, real-time, and the total weight of the vehicle. This data can assist with traceability and registration.

Vehicle Axle Scales

These types of weighing scales assist in weighing all different types of vehicles. These have overload protection, are easy to move around, and are also made to be easy to read and use when out in the field but also can be mounted for a permanent scale as well. We offer these types of weighing scales in a couple of options. Some are Axle weighing pads that are portable and can be used out in the field, but there are also RWS axel Weighing scales installed as a permanent fixture that offers a low profile that is easy to drive up onto them. The WWSK is another weighing scales mobile option.

Floor Scales

Floor scales are another vehicle weighing option discussed previously here but are the same as some vehicle axle scales and weighbridge scales. Basically, floor scales are not typically used in a portable fashion. These are usually positioned where there is inventory moving in and out. This ensures the correct amount is loaded into the vehicle. Our tractor-trailer weighing system is an excellent example of floor scales. These help farmers weigh their harvest as they work their fields.