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  • B8C Van Weigher


  • Option pit or surface mount assembly
  • Galvanised finish option
  • Connect to a range of weighing indicators
  • A compact unit without the expense of a full weighbridge
Size Option 5 to 8m
Capacity 6t to 15t
Width Range 2.3 to 2.5m
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Additional Info

The B8C was designed to provide a robust weighing solution for light vehicles without the expense of a full weighbridge solution.

The solution can be installed above ground and supplied with ramps or build your own concrete ramps. Alternatively the solution can be installed into a pit when the optional pit frame system supplied.

The solution ranges from 5 metres to 8 metres long and can weigh up to 15,000kg.

An ABS junction box with 4 or 6 load cell inputs is supplied and rated to IP65 protection. 15m of load cell cable connection from the scale to the indicator is supplied, this can be connected to a variety of weighing indicators from cabin style solutions to driver operated systems, linking to cameras and software is possible.

With the relevant indicator the system can be trade approved allowing legal transactions to take place over the scale