Bespoke Designs

Micro Weighing Solutions has been designing and manufacturing industrial weighing scales since 1998. 

During the last 25 years we have manufactured a wide range of bespoke weighing solutions for many client applications across a variety of industries. 

There are only a handful of scale manufacturers left in the UK; MWS is the only business that designs and manufactures weighing equipment under one roof here at the head office in Leicester. 

MWS Fabrication Team

Many of our clients include other scale businesses who are unable to manufacture equipment for their clients, this is where the MWS manufacturing team steps in and creates industrial scales under a white label agreement. 

Whilst many scale companies claim to manufacture, we truly do. We welcome any client to visit our scale manufacturing site and visit with our scale design team to create standard or custom weighing solutions tailored to your exact needs. 

Our design and manufacture team has decades of experience in developing quality weighing scales. 

As we supply direct to end users, our prices are very competitive, often very close to inferior imported weighing scales. We also work with OEM companies to supply turnkey weighing solutions to end users. 

Designs for All Weighing Applications

Our product portfolio is extensive; we manufacture axle weighbridges through to small hygienic scales designed for food production where there is a high washdown regime or pharmaceutical applications that require the utmost protection. 

We can provide a range of finishes to our stainless steel products, from electro polishing, polishing process to improve RA values (surface roughness) or the bead blast finish that is offered as standard.

All of the scales manufactured by MWS can be serviced and maintained by our dedicated service and scale calibration team – they are well equipped to maintain any equipment supplied by MWS. As an ISO9001 accredited company, our clients are assured of the best service available. 

Proudly British

We are proud members of the Made in Britain association who bring together the British manufacturing community. The Made in Britain mark is protected and can only be used by its members to guarantee its integrity. 

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