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  • Dimensions of the load surface (lxw): 3 x 0.73 m.
  • 6 compression load cells, C4 class, stainless steel IP68.
  • Accuracy 1% for internal use, 2% for legal for trade use (* OIML R134 CERTIFICATION).
  • 20m cable for the connection to the weight indicator.

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Additional Info

The RWS is ideal for clients having to comply with the new SOLAS regulations.

Reinforced platform which allows you to calculate the weight of a vehicle in transit, summing the various axles, weighed dynamically. Designed for a flush floor installation.

Sturdy loading surface in striated sheet steel, sized to withstand any load on the basis of the parameters dictated by the 96/53/EEC directive (maximum load on single axle for the vehicles transiting in Europe).

Frame for the containment of RWSCP platform, made up of a single bearing structure, in welded painted steel, that does not require assembly. It facilitates the installation of the scale and simplifies the masonry.

Sandblasting and varnishing with bi-component epoxy coating, highly resistant to corrosion.