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  • Kit of on/off mobile ramps.
  • Angles of crest kit for flush floor installation or for concrete on/off ramps.
  • Dual range CE-M 3000 + 3000e approved (upon price estimate).
Height Just 22cm
Material Painted Steel
Price $125.00
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Additional Info

Innovative vehicle weighing dual track weighbridge, easily transportable and installable thanks to the reduced height and weight. Designed and built with vey high quality materials, this represents the most efficient solution for saving time, space, and money in comparison to the classic weighbridges currently available on the market. The standard version is fitted with CE-M 3000e APPROVAL, for legal for trade use.

  • Precise and versatile platforms, suitable for all kinds of applications; ideal for modern industries, farms, work yards, landfills, ports, etc, in which one can save space or change the logistical stations.
  • Extremely compact: only 22 cm high. Takes up little space if installed on the street surface, reduced masonry if installed flush floor to the road surface.
  • The load capacity complies with the 96/53/EC Directive which defines the maximum axle load for the vehicles transiting in Europe (version for higher loads is available upon request).
  • Sturdy loading surface in striated sheet steel.
  • Sandblasting and varnishing with bi-component epoxy coating, highly resistant to corrosion.
  • Installable above, as well as flush floor to the street surface.
  • Reinforced on and off ramps, for mobile or fixed installation (optional).
  • Weight detection system through oscillating load bars (patented system) with integrated brake / acceleration compensating limits and anti-slip rubber resting plates.
  • Load cells protected from dust and water.
  • Fitted with approval, carried out in factory (to be combined with Dini Argeo indicator).
  • Dust and waterproof wirings and connections, easy to connect and disconnect.
  • Modularity: by adding or removing pairs of modules, the weighbridges can have these lengths: 4,5 m – 9 m – 13,5 m – 18 m – 22,5 (up to 36m by price estimate).
  • Wide range of connectable weight indicators, also functioning with rechargeable battery, which allow to use the weighbridge also without an electrical power supply.
  • 30m long connection cable between DTW and indicators.