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  • Weigh your abnormal load in a static condition or dynamically
  • Individual Axle Weights plus Gross Totals
  • Ticket printout for evidence
  • Entry of job numbers or load identification values

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Maximum Load 20t Per Axle
Total Axle Numbers No Limit
Pad Size 900 x 500 x 58mm
Cable Length 10 metres
Battery Life 10 Hours
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Are you moving Abnormal Loads that require movement orders?

If so, we have the right weighing equipment to enable you to accurately report axle weights and total gross weights of your loads.

One of the critical aspects addressed in a movement order is how abnormal loads are weighed. The process involves accurately determining the load’s weight to ensure compliance with weight limits and to calculate the appropriate route for transportation. The weighing is typically carried out using certified weighbridges or portable weigh pads.

Weighing an abnormal load is crucial for safety reasons, as an overweight load could cause damage to roads and bridges or pose a risk to the public. Additionally, the weight information is used to calculate the appropriate type of vehicle and trailer needed for transportation and to plan a suitable route that avoids weak bridges or areas with weight restrictions.

What is classed as an abnormal load in the UK?
An ‘abnormal load’ is a large or heavy load that has any of the following: a width of more than 2.9m (9′ 6”), a rigid length of more than 18.65m (61′), or a weight of more than 44,000 kilograms (44 Tonnes).

New legislation includes the requirement that you need to accurately report axle weights on your movement orders to ensure the relevant authorities are notified of your load in advance. It is no longer allowed to over estimate your load to mitigate the need to weigh axles.

Weighing Equipment
Working together with Highways Agency and Regional Police forces, we have created an Abnormal Load Weighing Kit that provides you with everything you need to accurately weigh your axles.

A number of UK police forces have our kits to provide regional enforcement.

Whats Included?

Within the kit we include the following:

  • 2 x WWSE10T-2 Weighpads (20t per axle)
  • 1 x 3590ETKR09-3 Control Box
  • 1 x AF09 Software for dynamic and static axle weighing with 1 or 2 pads
  • 1 x LMEK12 Levelling Module Kit
  • 2 x 12 Month Calibration Certificates
  • 1 x Dedicated Onsite Training (within 100 miles of LE4 3EH, further distances by request

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