MWS Weigh Pads Used for Guinness World Record in Thrilling Weighing Challenge

We at Micro Weighing Solutions are thrilled to have been a part of an incredible event that pushed the boundaries of weighing technology. On June 20th, 2023, the record-breaking IVECO eDAILY van embarked on a monumental challenge, towing an enormous load to claim its place in the prestigious Guinness World Records.

As suppliers of precision weigh pads, which were utilised to measure the weight of the vehicles involved, we witnessed firsthand the remarkable capabilities of the eDAILY and its ability to handle demanding towing conditions. This historic achievement was made possible through the collaboration of industry experts and the unwavering determination of all those involved.

The Epic Feat

The stage was set as the mighty IVECO X-Way Strator truck, designed for Essex haulage company G&B Finch, stood poised to prove its strength. The specially engineered truck was capable of transporting massive loads of up to 150 tonnes, making it the perfect companion for the eDAILY’s record attempt. The challenge commenced with the trailer carrying a colossal Collard Group earth-mover, weighing over 50 tonnes, and an additional seven tonnes of ballast for good measure. Completing the 153-tonne road train was a fully-loaded IVECO X-Way 8×4 tipper truck and an all-terrain airport fire truck. Together, they formed an awe-inspiring spectacle ready to conquer the Guinness World Records.

Behind the wheel of the record-breaking eDAILY was none other than Britain’s current Strongest Man, Adam Bishop.

The Record-Breaking Journey

With anticipation in the air, the eDAILY set off on its groundbreaking journey down a 100ft runway at Blackbushe Airport in Surrey. The precision weigh pads supplied by our European partner, Dini Argeo, played a crucial role in ensuring adherence to the Guinness World Records regulations. These robust mobile weigh pads accurately measured the weight of each towed vehicle, further emphasising the

MWS Dini Argeo weigh pads used in Guinness World Record by Ivecosignificance of precise weighing in this monumental achievement.

With its ‘High Power’ mode engaged, the eDAILY powered through the challenge; in the presence of Guinness World Records invigilators, the eDAILY crossed the finish line, securing its impressive accolade.

“We are extremely proud to have been a part of this extraordinary event, providing our expertise in weighing technology to support the record-breaking journey of the IVECO eDAILY,” stated Harry Farnsworth, one of our engineers who was on-site alongside Adam Cooper. “Being present to facilitate the weighing process was an exhilarating experience. Our precision weigh pads ensured accurate measurements of the towed vehicles, playing a vital role in meeting the strict regulations set by Guinness World Records. Witnessing the eDAILY and its supporting vehicles successfully conquer the challenge was a testament to the strength and reliability of our weighing solutions.”

A Testament to Innovation

The IVECO eDAILY’s Guinness World Record challenge was a remarkable event that showcased the potential of electric vehicles in the towing industry. As suppliers of precision weigh pads, we are proud to have contributed to this historic achievement. The collaboration between Micro Weighing Solutions, IVECO and other industry experts exemplifies the spirit of innovation and determination that drives progress in the weighing industry. This momentous accomplishment not only highlights the eDAILY’s exceptional capabilities but also serves as a testament to the continuous advancements in weighing technology.