Amcor and Aludium Collaborate to Launch Low-Carbon Aluminium Caps

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Amcor Capsules, a leading producer of screw caps for alcoholic drink bottles, has partnered with Aludium, a reputable aluminium supplier, to introduce an innovative aluminium product projected to have a carbon footprint 50% lower than the European average. 

This exciting development paves the way for a new era of sustainable drinks packaging, as the product has been independently verified by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Standards as a low-carbon alternative for use in wine and spirit screw caps.

Amcor and Aludium’s dedication to environmental responsibility is evident in the careful design and construction of this game-changing product. By implementing a combination of recycled materials and selecting only low-carbon primary aluminium, the collaboration has successfully created an aluminium screw cap that exceeds sustainability expectations. 

The Greenhouse Gas Protocol Standards have confirmed that the product generates less than four tonnes of CO2 equivalent per tonne of aluminium throughout its entire life cycle, from raw extraction to delivery. This remarkable achievement positions the product’s carbon footprint 50% below the European average and an impressive 80% lower than aluminium produced in China.

Amcor, in its pursuit of a sustainable future, is committed to bringing more eco-friendly products to the market. With 96% of their current offerings already being recycle-ready, the organisation is determined to further reduce the levels of CO2 emissions during the manufacturing process. 

Moreover, the introduction of these low-carbon aluminium screw caps aligns seamlessly with their mission and offers wine and spirit brands and distributors a truly sustainable alternative. This development empowers these stakeholders to make conscious choices that positively impact the environment without compromising on quality or performance.

Furthermore, the sustainability director at Amcor has emphasised the company’s broader objective of achieving their 2050 Net Zero goal. By actively pursuing greener initiatives, such as the development of low-carbon packaging solutions, Amcor strives to play a pivotal role in mitigating climate change and preserving the planet for future generations. The launch of these innovative aluminium screw caps marks a significant milestone in their sustainability journey.

Aludium, as the aluminium supplier for this project, shares Amcor’s passion for sustainable practices. The specialities sales director expressed delight at the partnership, recognising its contribution to their own sustainability goals. 

By collaborating with Amcor, Aludium has the opportunity to make a substantial impact in the drinks packaging market and further their commitment to environmental stewardship.

To conclude, the collaboration between Amcor Capsules and Aludium has yielded an extraordinary achievement in the drinks packaging industry. The introduction of an aluminium product with a carbon footprint 50% lower than the European average showcases a remarkable breakthrough in sustainable packaging solutions. 

With a meticulous focus on recycled materials and low-carbon primary aluminium, Amcor and Aludium have not only set a new standard for environmentally conscious practices but have also redefined the possibilities of sustainable drinks packaging. 

What’s more, this innovative product exemplifies their unwavering dedication to reducing CO2 emissions and represents a significant stride towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly future in the drinks industry.

News Credits: Low carbon footprint aluminium to hit drinks packaging market

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