Coveris and Pollen + Grace Collaborate to Create Vibrant and Sustainable Packaging

Teamwork between Coveris and a plant-based food-to-go business, Pollen + Grace, has resulted in the development of new, eye-catching packaging for Pollen + Grace’s range of nutritious fresh salads. 

With a shared commitment to promoting healthier eating, Coveris aimed to enhance the salads’ shelf presence and effectively communicate the brand’s values to consumers.

Enhancing Brand Presence and Sustainability

To differentiate the salads from others on the shelf, Pollen + Grace embraced Coveris’ sustainable packaging solutions. 

Sustainably sourced board sleeves and square kraft bowls, coated with PE, prevent moisture ingress while promoting eco-friendly practices. 

Additionally, the clear mono rPET lids, made with a minimum of 30% recycled content, offer visibility and contribute to reducing environmental impact.

Improved Shelf Visibility and Engagement

The stackable bowls not only optimise shelf space but also aid in product visibility, allowing consumers to easily identify and engage with Pollen + Grace’s visually appealing salad range. 

By utilising Coveris’ expertise in print and colour management, enhancements have been made to the salads’ board sleeves, maintaining a premium colour standard that draws the attention and captivates consumers.

Vibrant Packaging and Commitment to Sustainability

Coveris’ food-on-the-move sales director expressed their delight in collaborating with Pollen + Grace to develop vibrant and eye-catching packaging that leaves a visual impact on the shelf. 

Moreover, it was noted that the packaging complements the salads’ quality and freshness, effectively conveying the vibrancy of the ingredients and Pollen + Grace’s brand values.

Additionally, Pollen + Grace’s head of operations emphasised their fulfilment in delivering on a long-standing promise to utilise recyclable packaging and incorporate recycled content, thereby contributing to the establishment of a circular economy for their packaging. 

Furthermore, this step aligns with their overall dedication to building a better and sustainable future.

Coveris at lunch! 2023

Further wishing to highlight their dedication to innovation and sustainability, Coveris will showcase its latest food-on-the-move solutions at lunch! 2023 in September. 

This event serves as a platform for being able to openly demonstrate Coveris’ sustainability vision of No Waste, promoting their commitment to minimising environmental impact.


The collaboration between Coveris and Pollen + Grace has yielded vibrant and sustainable packaging for Pollen + Grace’s fresh salads. 

The carefully selected materials, stackable design, and improved colour management have not only enhanced the salads’ shelf presence but also effectively communicated the brand’s values to consumers. 

As consumers become increasingly conscious of the environmental impact of their choices, such initiatives play a crucial role in promoting healthier and more sustainable lifestyles. 

Therefore, by incorporating recycled content and embracing eco-friendly practices, Pollen + Grace demonstrates their commitment to building a circular economy for packaging. Also, Coveris’ participation in lunch! 2023 further solidifies their dedication to innovation and sustainability.

News Credits: Coveris and Pollen + Grace unveil sustainable packaging with shelf stand-out

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