Gunna Drinks Launches UK’s First Aluminium Bottled Soft Drink

Gunna Drinks, a forward-thinking and environmentally conscious brand, has taken a remarkable step in the beverage industry by launching the United Kingdom’s first-ever aluminium bottled soft drink. With a strong commitment to reducing plastic usage, Gunna Drinks aims to revolutionise the sector and inspire others to follow suit. 

The introduction of these innovative 500ml aluminium bottles brings three tantalising new flavours: Tropical Lemonade, Raspberry Lemonade, and Twisted Lemonade. Not only do these ‘immune boosting‘ lemonades cater to the growing demand for functional food and drinks, but they also align with the urgent need for sustainable packaging solutions.

The Power of Aluminium

Gunna Drinks’ decision to adopt aluminium bottles stems from their exceptional recyclability. Unlike plastic, which poses a significant threat to the environment, aluminium can be infinitely recycled without any loss in quality or performance. 

By harnessing the power of this remarkable material, Gunna Drinks has not only created an eco-friendly packaging alternative but also tapped into two significant consumer demands in the soft drink industry: sustainability and wellness.

A Planet-Friendly Approach

The founder of Gunna Drinks emphasises that prioritising the planet lies at the core of the company’s ethos. The introduction of aluminium bottled soft drinks is a testament to their unwavering commitment to reducing the environmental impact of the beverage industry. 

Furthermore, despite the slightly higher cost associated with this planet-friendly packaging, Gunna Drinks has made a substantial investment, confident that consumers are willing to pay a little more to contribute to a plastic-free future.

The Urgent Need for Change

Changes certainly needed to be made after alarming statistics, from Recycle Now, reveal the staggering impact of plastic bottle consumption in the United Kingdom. Each day, approximately 35.8 million plastic bottles are used, but only 19.8 million of them are recycled. This means that a staggering 16 million plastic bottles end up in landfills or oceans daily. 

Due to this, Gunna Drinks hopes that their bold move towards aluminium bottles will inspire other brands to shift away from single-use plastics and embrace sustainable alternatives. What’s more, this transformation has the potential to revolutionise not only Gunna Drinks’ business, but also benefit their customers and the planet as a whole.


Gunna Drinks has made a resounding statement with the launch of the UK’s first aluminium bottled soft drink. By combining their commitment to sustainability with the rising demand for functional beverages, Gunna Drinks has set a new standard in the industry. 

This trailblazing initiative not only offers a refreshing and delicious range of lemonades but also presents a game-changing solution to the plastic crisis. Gunna Drinks hopes that their success will inspire other brands to join the movement and adopt aluminium packaging, paving the way for a brighter, cleaner, and more sustainable future. 

News Credits: ‘UK’s first’ aluminium bottled soft drinks

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