Kepak Announces £16m Investment and Creation of 150 New Jobs

In an exciting development for the local economy, leading meat processor Kepak has revealed plans to invest £16 million into its Welsh meat plant, resulting in the creation of 150 new jobs. The manufacturer made this announcement during a visit by Vaughan Gething, the esteemed Minister for the Economy of Wales, to its Merthyr site – reportedly the largest meat processing plant in Wales. 

Alongside the recruitment drive, Kepak also expressed its dedication to the local community, vowing to strengthen its partnership with local suppliers. These measures, which aim to bolster the existing 850-strong workforce, are part of an ongoing investment program in the site since Kepak’s acquisition in 2018, involving a total commitment of £30 million towards modernising the factory.

During Minister Gething’s visit, he had the opportunity to tour the expansive site, including the newly revamped meat packing area. Also, thanks to a significant recent modernisation effort, the packaging capacity of this section has doubled, representing a well spent multi million-pound investment. Not surprisingly, this has positioned Kepak as a progressive company that provides promising opportunities for local individuals to develop their skills and forge successful careers within the food industry.

The decision to invest £16 million into the Welsh meat plant also demonstrates their commitment to expansion and growth in the region. By injecting substantial capital into the facility, the company aims to enhance its operations, create new jobs, and contribute to the local economy. The recruitment of 150 additional employees signifies a significant boost to employment opportunities, as well as a demonstration of their confidence in the skilled workforce available in the area.

Kepak’s investment in the Merthyr site has been an ongoing endeavour since the company’s acquisition in 2018. Over the past few years, the manufacturer has dedicated £30 million to modernising the factory and implementing improvements to increase efficiency and productivity. These initiatives are crucial in ensuring that they remain at the forefront of the meat processing industry, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and technologies.

The recently renovated meat packing area further showcases their ongoing commitment to innovation and expansion. By doubling its packaging capacity, the company is poised to meet growing demands for its high-quality meat products and improve its overall operational capabilities. This modernisation initiative represents a substantial investment, highlighting the company’s long-term vision and confidence in the potential for further growth in the Welsh meat industry.

Additionally, Minister Gething’s visit to the Merthyr site underscored the government‘s support for local businesses and the importance of collaboration between the public and private sectors. Furthermore, the Minister’s presence emphasised the significance of Kepak’s investment and its positive impact on the local economy, including the creation of new jobs and the strengthening of partnerships with local suppliers. By recognising this commitment to the community, the Minister reaffirmed the government’s dedication to fostering economic growth and prosperity in Wales.

What’s more, Kepak’s position as a progressive company offering career opportunities within the food industry further showcases its contribution to the region. The manufacturer’s focus on local recruitment and skills development aligns with the government’s objectives of fostering job creation and ensuring a skilled workforce. By supporting individuals in their career aspirations and providing them with the necessary tools to succeed, Kepak plays an essential role in building a sustainable and prosperous future for the local community.

To summarise, Kepak’s £16 million investment in its Welsh meat plant, along with the creation of 150 new jobs, represents a significant milestone for the local economy. This decision reflects the company’s commitment to expansion, modernisation, and collaboration with local suppliers. 

With a focus on strengthening the workforce and providing opportunities for career development, they are demonstrating their dedication to the community and the food industry, while the visit by Minister Gething further emphasises the government’s support for Kepak’s investment and its positive impact on the region. 

It is clear to see that going forward, as Kepak continues to evolve and grow, it will contribute to the prosperity of Wales and the improved development of a thriving meat processing sector.

News Credits: Kepak to create 150 new jobs

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