Frederick Hiam Foods’ New Machinery Improves Efficiency by 90%

To stay ahead of the competition, businesses in the food industry must constantly innovate as the industry is always changing. To ensure efficiency, all stages of production, starting from crop harvest and processing, up to packing and delivery of the final product, should be optimised.

Having machines and equipment that are high-performing, reliable, efficient and cost-effective is crucial. One such company has achieved this by now having excellent production line results, all with the assistance of Wyma.

Machinery provider, Wyma, was contacted by Frederick Hiam Foods to help solve frequent issues on their production line, such as inefficient destoning, inadequate cleaning, and frequently blocked conveyor sweeps. Overall, the company aimed to discover better solutions for the given problems that would decrease energy consumption and water usage, while simultaneously enhancing efficiency.

Wyma installed several pieces of equipment in the production line, such as a cyclone destoner to improve destoning reliability, a wet hopper to allow for proper buffer storage, pre-cleaning, and precise metered flow for optimal flow control.

In addition, a pre-cutting polisher was introduced to improve the cleaning of the crops before they are cut. Furthermore, a roller sizer for pre-cutting was introduced to divide the crop stream into specific diameters, which improves the efficiency of the trimmer.

As a result of the new machinery and upgrades, the production line has achieved over 90% improvement in efficiency, which has led to various other benefits on the site. Due to high electricity costs, the company has managed to now achieve energy savings of approximately 20 to 25%. Furthermore, they are optimistic that the installation will result in a 30% reduction in water usage, which is important considering that water is becoming a scarce resource.

The other improvements made to the system resulted in fewer dropped crops and smoother transitions in the line. This led to better crop presentation and a reduced risk of rejection due to bruising. Moreover, the whole process is now more efficient with a system that is easier to manage, clean and operate.

In conclusion, the food company, Frederick Hiam Foods, who sought Wyma’s help to improve their production line has achieved excellent results. Since installing their new range of machinery, they have achieved an impressive 90% increase in overall efficiency and reduced energy consumption.

Additionally, they are optimistic about achieving a 30% decrease in water consumption in the future. The new system is a lot easier to manage, clean and operate with reduced drops and improved transitions, resulting in a more efficient use of time and resources.

Finally, it is crucial for companies to note that investing in high-quality and reliable equipment is important for staying competitive and keeping up with the constantly changing food industry. Furthermore, making positive changes, similar to Frederick Hiam, can also have an overall greater impact on the environment and world around us all.

News Credits: New machinery at Frederick Hiam Foods significantly improves efficiency

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