Glasgow Coffee Roaster Invests Millions into Sustainable Growth Project

Glasgow‘s coffee roaster, Matthew Algie, unveiled a multi-million-pound investment strategy to enhance its production capacity and sustainability objectives. The investment plan spans two years and involves the creation of a brand-new section for handling beans, a storage area for green beans, a system for blending green beans, improved automation, and new packaging lines.

The company’s strong workforce of 250 is expected to increase by 38 as a result of the expansion. The company, which has been around for over 150 years, is taking a big step by expanding to meet the growing demand for their coffee products. This move also comes as a result of the company’s recent growth and expansion.

What will this investment bring about?

The investment made by Matthew Algie will bring about substantial and enduring improvements in their operations. The expansion plan involves constructing a storage area that is eco-friendly and utilises larger bags of one tonne capacity to replace hessian sacks. This measure will also reduce manual handling by 90%.

Additionally, the plan involves using bulk containers to transport coffee from producing countries to UK ports. This will increase capacity by 11% and reduce costs and carbon emissions. The coffee will then be delivered to the Glasgow site, which will increase onward delivery by 25%.

Moreover, the expansion will help the company achieve its sustainability objectives. Matthew Algie aims to achieve a net-zero operation by 2035 and will invest in its entire business operations, including the supply chain, to reach this target by 2040.

What does the company want to achieve?

The Glasgow roastery has achieved carbon neutrality, and the new roadmap will further strengthen the company’s dedication to sustainability. It will provide ample plans for sustainability programs throughout the entire business to achieve net-zero.

The project will include a new green bean blending system, upgraded automation and new conveying systems, which are all significant improvements. The new blending system for green beans is created to enhance the efficiency of coffee production and minimise waste.

The improved automation and conveyance systems will increase the speed of coffee production and delivery, which will then allow them to meet the rising demand for high-quality coffee products from customers.

How will the expansion benefit the community?

In addition to the benefits mentioned earlier, the expansion plan will also result in the creation of job opportunities for 38 new employees, in addition to the current workforce of 250. 

The decision to move will help to decrease unemployment in Glasgow and support both the local and national economies. All of this has all been made possible due to the Scottish Enterprise, who has provided support for Matthew Algie’s investment project.

In summary

Matthew Algie’s expansion plan is a big step that will meet the increasing demand for their coffee offerings, enhance their operations, and have a positive impact on both the local and national economies.

This plan is in line with the company’s dedication to sustainability, as well as its goal of becoming a net-zero operation. With the roadmap in place, Matthew Algie is set to sustainably grow its business, all while contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

News Credits: 38 jobs created as Glasgow coffee roaster invests for sustainable growth

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