IW Capital Invests £5 Million in Cold-Pressed Juice Business, Daily Dose

The UK-based premium cold-pressed juice and functional drinks business, Daily Dose, has received a £5 million investment from investment firm, IW Capital.

Daily Dose’s unique farm-to-fridge approach sets them apart from other cold-pressed juice companies. They work directly with British farmers and use excess produce to make premium and sustainable juices.

IW Capital’s intention for this investment is to aid in the development and enlargement of Daily Dose, all while upholding their fundamental principles of sustainability and quality.

How has Daily Dose grown over the years?

Since its launch in 2016, Daily Dose has been experiencing rapid growth. It has recorded a revenue of almost £5 million and has been EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortisation) positive for the past two years. 

The company distinguishes itself from its competitors by prioritising sustainability and transforming leftover produce into tasty and nutritious beverages. 

By entering into private label agreements with popular retailers, Daily Dose has expanded their business while still upholding their dedication to sustainability and superior quality.

What do they plan to do with this investment?

IW Capital’s recent investment is crucial for Daily Dose to expand in the future. 

They will use the funds to enlarge their production facilities and purchase necessary machinery to boost their capacity and improve efficiency. 

Daily Dose also has plans to maintain their values while using this investment to expand their market share and sustain their growth momentum.

What sets them apart from other juice businesses?

The farm-to-fridge ethos of Daily Dose sets them apart from other cold-pressed juice businesses. They partner with British farmers to obtain leftover produce and use it to create top-notch cold-pressed juice. 

They use high-pressure processing at their Cambridgeshire site to maintain the top-quality taste and nutritional value of their products, as well as to increase their shelf life, with all production occurring at the same on-site location. 

IW Capital’s investment in Daily Dose will help the company thrive even further in the functional drinks industry, where it is already considered a standout.

In summary

IW Capital’s investment of £5 million in Daily Dose is proof of the potential of the United Kingdom‘s rapidly expanding cold-pressed juice and functional drinks industry. Daily Dose is dedicated to sustainability and quality. 

Its focus on these values has put the company in an advantageous position for future growth. By accessing funds from IW Capital, Daily Dose plans to enlarge their production facilities and enhance capacity.

With the increasing demand for healthy functional drinks, it’s safe to say that Daily Dose will be leading the trend, owing to their excellent products and values.

News Credits: IW Capital invests in premium cold-pressed juice company, Daily Dose

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