McCain Foods and NatWest Join Forces to Support Sustainable Agriculture

As climate change becomes a more pressing issue for the world, an increasing number of individuals are seeking sustainable solutions to address the challenges we are facing. McCain Foods, which is the largest maker of frozen potato products in the United Kingdom, is taking on the challenge faced by the agricultural industry.

McCain, together with partner NatWest, is providing financial assistance to potato farmers who want to switch to sustainable farming methods. The company is committed to implementing regenerative agriculture across all of its potato acreage worldwide by 2030, as part of its dedication to eco-friendly food.

Furthermore, this exciting initiative is just one example of McCain’s efforts. This article will take a closer look at the partnership, and other efforts that McCain has made into becoming more sustainable. 

About the new partnership

Sustainable farming practices are crucial, but they can pose a financial and practical challenge for farmers to implement independently, which is where the partnership between McCain and NatWest comes into play.

NatWest’s asset finance division, Lombard, has launched an innovative program to assist potato farmers supplying McCain to adopt sustainable farming practices. The initiative aims to offer extra economic aid to farmers who switch to regenerative agriculture methods, helping them to afford new equipment and adopt improved techniques.

It is important to McCain that farmers have access to the resources they need to implement regenerative agriculture, which is why they are taking steps to support it. Additionally, the company has agreed to provide funding towards the interest charged on assets that promote regenerative agriculture practices.

This situation benefits both farmers and the wider agriculture industry by making it easier for farmers to adopt sustainable practices and also promote sustainability in agriculture.

How else is McCain trying to become more sustainable?

McCain has joined the Sustainable Markets Initiative Agribusiness Task Force, which includes several businesses and NGOs, as part of its efforts towards regenerative agriculture. The goal of this coalition is to speed up the adoption of environmentally friendly practices in farming, which up to now have been slow due to their expensive nature.

In partnering with Lombard and NatWest, McCain is taking a practical step towards making regenerative agriculture economically viable for UK farmers. By collaborating and sharing innovation between companies, it can lead to a faster, sustainable change, something which has been showcased by the partnership between these companies.

Also, there are other smaller initiatives which involve providing grants for seed of cover crop and complete funding for assessments of soil health. Moreover, there will be a free distribution of pollinator seed during this spring.

What is regenerative agriculture and what are the benefits?

Regenerative agriculture is an ecosystem-based approach to farming that aims to improve farmer resilience, yield and quality by restoring soil health, enhancing biodiversity and reducing the impact of synthetic inputs.  

The use of sustainable agriculture practices have many benefits, which include improving the environment and helping farmers. Practising regenerative agriculture can improve crop yields and enhance crop quality, while also decreasing dependence on chemical fertilisers and pesticides. 

As a result, it leads to the improvement of soil quality, enhances the cleanliness of water, and reduces pollution.

McCain’s other investments into potato growing

Since 2020, McCain has invested £50 million to help sustain the potato growing industry in the UK. As part of this, in 2020, McCain introduced the McCain Potato Farmer Pledge, which was a £25 million investment to support British agriculture and its sustainability in the midst of rising climate-related challenges, like floods and droughts.

Furthermore, McCain is investing £35 million by committing to a 31% contract indexation in 2023, to offer more support to farmers in the current situation of rising inflation; this is in addition and separate to their partnership with NatWest.


McCain and NatWest have partnered to introduce a new and exciting initiative that aims to assist farmers in adopting sustainable agriculture practices. The partnership is helping farmers invest in new equipment and techniques, by providing financial support through Lombard.Additionally, they are contributing to interest payments on assets that promote regenerative agriculture practices.

It is definitely clear that McCain is taking a practical step towards promoting sustainable agriculture practices in the wider industry as part of their commitment to planet-friendly food, through their new partnership.

By working together, these companies are showing the world that sustainable change is both achievable and necessary, and by collaborating with one another, the possibilities and changes could become endless.

News Credits: McCain partners with NatWest to support regenerative agriculture

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