FDF Scotland and FSS launch new Healthier Bakery Fund

The Food and Drink Federation Scotland (FDF) and Food Standards Scotland (FSS) have teamed up to launch a fund that aims to support Scottish bakeries in their quest to make healthier products.

Businesses that produce sweet or savoury bakery items, like cakes, pies, pastries and bread, in Scotland will be eligible to apply for the ‘Healthier Bakery Fund’. This article will explore what the fund is all about, who can apply for it, and how it can benefit local food producers and consumers.

What is the healthier bakery fund?

The Healthier Bakery Fund encourages food businesses to either decrease the levels of fat, sugar, calories, or salt in their products or to incorporate more fibre, wholegrains, fruits, and vegetables into their recipes.

One simple way to make notable changes for a healthier recipe is by using simple alternatives, such as using a lower-fat substitute instead of shortening or incorporating wholemeal flour in the recipe.

Why was the fund launched and who can apply?

The FDF Scotland and FSS have both expressed their commitment to helping food producers offer a wider range of healthier products.

However, they acknowledge that these changes can be costly, which is why they launched this fund. Successful applicants for the fund can be granted up to £5,000, which can be used for activities such as recipe testing or nutritional analysis.

In order to apply for the fund, businesses must present a business case or business plan, containing information about their proposed project, the ways in which it will enhance the nutritional value of their product, and how they intend to utilise the grant. Applications will be accepted until 30 June 2023.

How will it benefit food producers and consumers?

The timing of the Healthier Bakery Fund is appropriate as there has been a growing interest among customers for baking that promotes health and wellness.

This interest has led to an increased demand for baked products that are low in calories and sugar, and high in protein or gluten-free options.

Additionally, the fund presents a chance for local businesses to meet the rising demand for healthy food and promote public health at the same time.


Scottish bakeries can benefit from the Healthier Bakery Fund, which supports them in enhancing the overall nutritional quality of their baked goods. Local businesses can receive support from FDF Scotland and FSS to make recipe changes and other adjustments that promote public health.

The fund provides food producers with a chance to benefit from the increasing interest in nutritious food and meeting the needs of contemporary consumers. Overall, the Healthier Bakery Fund appears to be beneficial for both local businesses and consumers alike.

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