Nationwide Produce Expands Warehouse with Lloyds Bank £3.5m Loan

The food company Nationwide Produce, which is based in Southport, has been in the news lately for expanding one of its warehouses. The family-owned fresh produce company received a loan of £3.5 million from Lloyds Bank.

They used this loan to expand their warehouse space from 32,000 to 56,000 sq ft, stating that the purpose of the expansion was to cater to the growing needs of their customer base and the general market requirement for trustworthy suppliers.

Nationwide Produce was established under the name of Bernard O’Malley & Sons almost 50 years ago. The company is known in the industry for its ability to grow, grade, pack, trade, import, and export a broad range of fresh produce, which includes vegetables and fruits sourced from various regions worldwide.

Due to its fast growth in recent years, the warehouse has been expanded by 75%, resulting in a capacity of 2,100 pallets, which is a significant increase from the previous capacity of 900 pallets. By increasing the warehouse space, the company can now store more stock, which has improved their ability to purchase goods and fulfil customer orders with greater efficiency.

Nationwide Produce’s green ambitions were also supported wisely with the loan obtained from Lloyds Bank. The warehouse has introduced five temperature-controlled chambers that greatly reduce their contribution to global warming. The firm claims that their chambers can provide the same cooling effect as the previous ones but with fewer greenhouse gas emissions, leading to an 84% decrease in their global warming impact.

Furthermore, the facility received a boost in its renewable electricity offerings by almost two-thirds thanks to the installation of solar panels. Nationwide Produce was able to further reduce their carbon footprint and make a positive impact on the environment, thanks to the implementation of these new features. Thanks to the expansion, Nationwide Produce now has the chance to create a business model that is more sustainable.

By increasing its storage capacity, the company can negotiate better deals with suppliers and improve its level of service to customers. Installing temperature-controlled chambers helps to lower emissions without compromising the high quality they have always offered to their consumers, while adding solar panels brings the business closer to achieving their goal of becoming a more environmentally-friendly business.

Furthermore, the business has plans to add more to its product range, which will include frozen foods, and also wants to invest more money into purchasing new packing machinery. This will enable them to enhance their offerings and increase their appeal to customers.

In summary, Nationwide Produce’s expansion signifies not only growth but also the company’s commitment to sustainability. The £3.5 million loan from Lloyds Bank has enabled the company to expand its site and facilities, which is a good example of how financial institutions, businesses, and the environment can benefit each other.

With its new features, Nationwide Produce is one step closer to achieving its goal of becoming a more sustainable, eco-friendly business. The efforts made by the company to decrease its environmental impact may provide a good example and encourage other businesses to do the same. 

It is safe to say that this company is definitely one to watch in the future as it continues to make positive moves in the food industry.

News Credits: Nationwide Produce secures £3.5m loan to expand business

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