Radnor Hills Expands Production After Multi-Million Pound Investment

Recently, Radnor Hills, a well-known manufacturer of soft drinks, has opened its expanded facilities in Powys, South Wales. Millions of pounds have been invested by the company in new production facilities, a quality assurance laboratory, an office complex for staff, and a conference facility.

Furthermore, they have made improvements to their production processes which include acquiring new equipment such as a labeller and conveyor system, investing in a new glass line, purchasing a filler for a PET line, and implementing a new steam system.

Radnor has thanked the Welsh government for their support and has stated that they are dedicated to making further investments in the factory in the future. This comes after them already making a significant investment, in which to expand their facilities and increase the production capacity of their soft drinks manufacturing plant.

One of the primary investments was for £2.5 million, which was used in an office complex to create a pleasant work environment for the staff. Additionally, the company has invested £4.5 million in a glass line investment, over three phases, which as a result means that they are now capable of manufacturing cardboard cluster packs for retailers.

Furthermore, they have enhanced their production capacity by incorporating new systems such as a labeller and conveyor system, a PET line filler and a new steam system. These investments have also resulted in better quality products being produced by the company.

The expansion plans of Radnor Hills show their dedication to sustainability. The company asserts that they have a fully certified environmental management system and site, and they are a zero landfill site. The company is actively working to decrease waste by adopting eco-friendly measures like utilising renewable energy sources, recycling, and minimising water usage.

The company has also been granted planning permission to build a solar farm worth £1.8 million. This will allow them to generate two megawatts of power, which will account for 21% of the energy required for their manufacturing site; meaning that they will be adhering to their pledge of being a more sustainable and environmentally friendly business.

As a result of their expanding facilities, Radnor Hills has created more than a hundred job opportunities in the past two years, while they are also offering several apprenticeships throughout 2023, in line with their expansion plans.

In summary, Radnor Hills’ investment in its facilities is a major achievement in the company’s history. The expansion plans aim to achieve multiple benefits for retailers, staff and individuals alike, including an increase in production capacity, improved product quality, and the creation of job opportunities and development as well.

It is admirable that the company is dedicated to sustainability by striving to further decrease waste and adopting more eco-friendly measures. Radnor Hills’ commitment to creating a better world for future generations is reflected in their efforts to improve their facilities, while being as environmentally responsible as they can possibly be.

News Credits: Radnor Hills opens multi-million-pound production facilities

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