Raynor Foods: Leading the Charge with New Digital Sandwich Launch

The food industry’s innovation affects the health and well-being of global consumers directly. With this in mind, Raynor Foods, a company that makes sandwiches in the United Kingdom, has introduced a new online platform called Digital Sandwich, that is considered a significant innovation.

The aim of this platform is to use advanced technologies to increase transparency in the food supply chain and bring about a revolutionary change in the food industry.

Let’s take a closer look at the Digital Sandwich platform, which aims to transform how we monitor food ingredients, can improve our eating habits and has the potential to shape the food industry.

What is the new digital sandwich?

The Digital Sandwich project has been in progress at Raynor Foods for more than two years, with Innovate UK granting them a £4 million sum to further enhance the platform.

Digital Sandwich has improved ingredient traceability in the production of pre-packaged sandwiches, by implementing advanced technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence Technologies.

The increased transparency level offers customers more information about the sandwich’s ingredients’ source and the accompanying manufacturing procedures.

Who is the consortium behind the project?

This project is being undertaken by a consortium that includes various organisations like the University of Lincoln, Digital Catapult, Sweetbridge, Crosspay, and R3, among several others.

The belief is that these technologies will revolutionise not only the food industry but also have the potential to improve and enhance other sectors and industries as well.

By providing transparency in the supply chain, particularly in the food industry, it can promote accountability and ethical practices, which can have a positive impact on everyone involved.

Benefits of the digital sandwich

Digital Sandwich offers complete visibility throughout the food supply chain, which is one of its major advantages and benefits.

The technology ensures the best quality control, safety, and sustainability by monitoring each ingredient’s journey from its origin, to production and finally, through to consumption.

Digital Sandwich also meets the increasing demand for transparency in the food industry by thoroughly documenting its entire manufacturing process. This makes it simple to trace the origin of ingredients and how they were harvested, farmed, or grown.

It is expected that platforms like Digital Sandwich will become more common in the coming years as consumers are increasingly focused on knowing where their food comes from, and adapting to making positive changes.


Many people have been impressed by this exciting new development in the food industry, known as Digital Sandwich. Raynor Foods has managed to improve transparency and traceability in the food supply chain by utilising advanced technologies and collaborating with multiple organisations.

Their integration of digital technology through Digital Sandwich is setting the stage for a wider transformation of the food industry. Other manufacturers are likely to follow suit and adopt similar technologies in order to also offer more transparency to their consumers.

Furthermore, with the increasing awareness among consumers regarding the food they consume, keeping a record of the food’s journey from the farm to the table can offer additional assurance for better, more sustainable choices, and not just improved nutrition and health.

News Credits: Raynor Foods launches Digital Sandwich

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