Classic Mineral Water invests £3.4m in third bottling line

A popular Northern Ireland-based bottling company, Classic Mineral Water, has invested £3.4m in a new bottling line that will allow them to produce isotonic drinks in Ireland for the first time. Also, by making this considerable investment, it will mean that the company can hire 16 new employees, increasing their total workforce to 76.

Thanks to Classic Mineral Water’s dedication to growth and streamlining, they have been able to decrease their production expenses and become one of just four mineral water bottlers in Ireland who satisfies the standards, which is an outstanding accomplishment. This blog post will explore Classic Mineral Water’s recent investments and further detail just how the company is continuing to achieve success in the Irish market.

With a good and reliable reputation as a manufacturer, Classic Mineral Water produces still and sparkling water, glucose drinks, mixers, and isotonic beverages. Additionally, the company will now be able to produce isotonic beverages for the private label market with their new bottling line, providing more choices for the people of Ireland. 

The company’s increase in production and market share can be attributed to the investments they made in expansion and efficiency. Furthermore, The Northern Irish company has achieved a significant milestone by additionally signing a deal worth £3.8m with ALDI Ireland.

What’s more, Classic Mineral Water has created 16 new jobs thanks to the support from Invest Northern Ireland in their latest investment. Invest Northern Ireland has provided support, such as providing resources, leadership programs, and consultancy services to enhance expertise. Additionally, the organisation has provided assistance in the areas of job creation strategies, management information systems, and resource efficiency. The support that’s been provided has been essential for the growth and expansion of Classic Mineral Water.

Impressively, reputable retailers such as Tesco, Dunnes Stores, Lidl, Musgraves, and Bestways have all approved Classic Mineral Water as a supplier. These retailers have placed their trust in the quality and reliability of Classic Mineral Water products. The company’s continuing success can be attributed to its dedication to producing top-notch drinks, delivering exceptional customer service, and striving to grow its operations.

Furthermore, the company’s investment in a third bottling line is expected to create 16 new job opportunities, which is a great boost for the Northern Irish economy. Classic Mineral Water has already hired ten individuals for new positions, leading to an anticipated increase in production, which again will improve the company’s market position. Moreover, the company has publicly announced their commitment to support the economy and local community, demonstrating their dedication towards fostering positive growth in the region.

In just a few years, the company has transformed Classic Mineral Water into a state-of-the-art soft drink processing facility by investing in innovative technology and skills. As a result, sales have increased six-fold to reach £12 million. The recent investment will also involve setting up a new pasteurisation system. This move is aimed at supporting their upcoming growth phase and meeting the growing demand for high-value isotonic products in the market. They are optimistic that this investment will boost their sales significantly, helping them reach over £20m by 2024 and leading to a substantial increase in productivity.

In summary, Classic Mineral Water’s investment of £3.4m in a new bottling line will create new marketing channels and increase diversity in the Irish beverage sector. Overall, this investment will be beneficial for the company, the industry and the economy, as it is expected to create 16 new jobs, allowing the company to expand its production capacity.

By supporting Classic Mineral Water, Invest Northern Ireland is highlighting its dedication towards enhancing the economic development of Northern Ireland. And finally, Classic Mineral Water is certainly anticipating a phase of expansion and success that will bring about beneficial effects in the surrounding locality, setting a fine example for other companies to follow.

News Credits: Classic Mineral Water invests £3.4m in new bottling line

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