Protect Your Business and Fleet: Why Regular Calibration of Weigh Pads is Crucial

With any weighing device it is good practice to have them serviced and calibrated annually, and vehicle weigh pads are no different. If you want to protect your business, your drivers and your fleet, then routine calibration is strongly recommended. In this blog post, we will look at the reasons you need to regularly calibrate and service your portable axle weigh pads.

Weigh Pad Accuracy

Over time, weighing scales can drift from their initial calibration due to various factors such as wear and tear, environmental conditions, or regular usage. Annual calibration ensures that the scales remain accurate and provide reliable weight measurements. This is especially crucial for businesses involved in industries such as transportation and logistics, where accurate weight measurements are essential for compliance and safety purposes.

Compliance With Legislation 

Strict laws around overloaded vehicles are being enforced everyday. Weigh pad calibration ensures that the scales meet the required accuracies which in turn help you comply with the legal requirements and avoid fines for overloaded axles. Compliance with regulations not only avoids potential penalties and fines but also helps maintain the reputation and credibility of the business.

Safety on the Road

Vehicle weighing scales are commonly used in various applications, including weighing vans and trucks. Accurate weight measurements are crucial for ensuring safe loading and transport operations. Incorrect weight measurements can lead to overloading, which can cause damage to vehicles, infrastructure, or even pose safety risks on the roads. Regular calibration helps prevent such incidents and promotes safer operations.

Axle Weighing Equipment Longevity

Regular calibration not only ensures accurate weighing but also helps identify any potential issues or faults with the vehicle weighing scales. Detecting and addressing problems early on can prevent further damage to the equipment and extend its lifespan. Calibration can also involve routine maintenance, cleaning and adjustment of the scales, which promotes their longevity and reduces the risk of breakdowns.

Overall, the service and calibration of vehicle weighing scales ensures accuracy, compliance, safety, equipment longevity.

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It is an essential practice for businesses relying on accurate weight measurements from their axle weigh pads to have them calibrated on a routine schedule.

If your portable weigh pads are out of calibration, please contact us to arrange for them to be serviced and calibrated by one of our experienced technicians.