Snack A Jacks Go Green with New Multipack Packaging

The importance of protecting our planet from pollution and waste is increasing in today’s world. This is leading companies down a path of needing to come up with innovative ways to lower their carbon footprint and decrease their usage of plastic.

This blog will take a look at how Walkers, with their growing dedication and commitment to sustainability, are reducing their plastic waste by trialling a new multipack packaging for their Snack A Jacks product.

Tesco stores all across the United Kingdom will soon feature the new packaging, that uses 86% less plastic in the outer packaging. This is achieved through the use of a tape-like strip that securely holds together five individual packets of Snack A Jacks. The multipack contains three of their popular, well-liked flavours: Salt & Vinegar, Sour Cream & Chive, and BBQ.

What’s more, Walkers has confirmed that the redesigned packaging can be recycled at flexible packaging collection points in UK supermarkets, which is also great news for the environment. They have also stated that this includes the new outer tape and individual packets. Additionally, these recyclability claims have been officially recognised under the UK On-Pack Recycling Label Scheme (OPRL).

To further demonstrate their continued commitment to sustainability, Walkers has invested over £2 million in new equipment at their Skelmersdale site in Lancashire, where they make Snack A Jacks, to further enhance their reduced plastic packaging capabilities. Furthermore, PepsiCo, their parent company, has recently introduced and launched the Positive plan, aiming to achieve net-zero emissions by 2040, with Walkers’ commitment to sustainability being part of the overall transformation plan.

In addition, PepsiCo Europe aims to remove all plastic made from new fossil fuels in their crisp and snack packaging by 2030. This is a significant step towards sustainable packaging, and it will apply to their UK brands, such as Snack A Jacks, Doritos, Quavers, Wotsits, and Pipers. By proactively taking this step to make sustainable choices, it will help to reduce their carbon footprint and decrease the use of plastic for the benefit of the planet.

To sum up, Walkers is an industry leader in implementing sustainable packaging solutions. The new multipack Snack A Jacks are a noteworthy example of how large corporations can use innovation to uphold their environmental commitments.

The use of the new packaging will result in a substantial decrease in plastic waste, meaning that fewer materials will be wasted as a result. Finally, it is clear to see that Walkers is just beginning its journey towards a more sustainable future, hopefully setting a positive example for other brands and companies to follow suit in the near future.

News Credits: Walkers rolls-out ‘bagless’ multipacks for Snack A Jacks in new trial

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