Mars Trials Recyclable Paper Packaging for Chocolate Bars

Mars, the renowned confectionery company, is embarking on a new pilot test to explore alternative packaging options for its chocolate bars. As part of the “Sustainable in a Generation” plan, Mars is trialling recyclable paper packaging at Tesco stores. 

The findings from this launch will not only shape Mars’ future trials across the United Kingdom, but also contribute to the company’s commitment to reducing the use of virgin plastics. With a significant investment of hundreds of millions, Mars aims to implement sustainable packaging practices, including the use of recycled materials and alternatives to plastic.

Exploring paper-based packaging for Mars Bars

Mars Wrigley UK, under the leadership of the General Manager, has taken a bold step by initiating the Mars bar pilot project, which involves testing paper-based packaging in real-world scenarios. 

This trial seeks to evaluate the efficacy and feasibility of paper packaging for everyday use. By partnering with Tesco, Mars aims to gather valuable insights that will inform its sustainable packaging strategy.

Informing future trials and sustainability initiatives

Mars recognizes the importance of learning from the initial trial at Tesco. The company plans to leverage the findings to refine and improve its packaging options in other subsequent trials across the UK. 

This approach aligns with Mars’ “Sustainable in a Generation” plan, which encompasses a comprehensive strategy to reduce the use of virgin plastics in the short term. By investing in substantial resources, Mars aims to achieve a one-third reduction in the use of virgin plastics. 

Additionally, this commitment includes minimising plastic usage, utilising recycled plastic, and exploring alternatives to plastic packaging.

A multifaceted approach to sustainable packaging

The pilot project involving recyclable paper packaging is just one of the many initiatives Mars is implementing this year. The company is actively involved in various efforts to promote sustainable packaging practices. Mars aims to avoid unnecessary packaging by optimising design and materials. Additionally, by emphasising the use of recyclable mono-materials, the company simplifies the recycling process, while at the same time enhancing the recyclability of its products.

Furthermore, Mars is also exploring reusable packaging models as an alternative to single-use packaging. By encouraging consumers to reuse packaging, the company aims to reduce waste generation and foster a circular economy. This shows that the company is committed to processing recycled materials in new packaging, which contributes to the sustainable utilisation of resources.

Carbon Neutrality Achievements

In an extraordinary feat, Mars has managed to achieve a Carbon Neutrality status for its brand in the UK. This accomplishment marks a significant milestone for the company. By combining carbon credits and genuine reductions in carbon emissions, Mars has successfully attained this status. 

The certification of Carbon Neutrality by SCS Global, a reputable independent organisation, further validates Mars’ commitment to sustainability. This remarkable change will make approximately 200 million bars per year carbon neutral in the UK, Ireland, and Canada


Mars’s trial of recyclable paper packaging for its chocolate bars at Tesco stores signifies a crucial step towards sustainable packaging practices. The pilot project, along with the company’s broader initiatives, demonstrates Mars’ commitment to reducing the use of virgin plastics and exploring environmentally friendly alternatives. 

By investing significantly in new resources and leveraging the findings from this trial, Mars aims to optimise its sustainable packaging strategy and set new industry standards. Furthermore, Mars’ achievement of Carbon Neutrality status underscores its commitment to combating climate change and fostering a greener future, which is a fine example to set for other companies that may wish to follow suit.

News Credits: Mars bars trials paper wrappers in UK to cut plastic waste

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