Around Noon Acquires Soho Sandwich Company, Expanding its Reach

In a move that promises to shake up the food industry, Around Noon, a leading food-to-go manufacturer, has successfully acquired The Soho Sandwich Company. This strategic merger has created a powerhouse with an estimated annual turnover of £80 million, propelling Around Noon into a new era of growth and innovation.

Amidst reports of a steady rise in food and drink merger and acquisition activity, the value of deals has been somewhat affected by prevailing macroeconomic headwinds and the absence of larger players in the market. Nevertheless, Around Noon’s bold acquisition stands as a testament to their commitment to progress and their adaptability in the face of challenging times.

The acquisition not only bolsters Around Noon’s position in the industry but also adds more than 300 talented individuals to its workforce, bringing the total headcount to an impressive 800 employees. This influx of talent will undoubtedly strengthen the company’s capabilities and drive further success.

But it’s not just about the numbers. With the purchase of the Soho Sandwich Company, Around Noon gains access to a state-of-the-art production facility located in the vibrant heart of North London. This new hub of culinary creation will serve as a launching pad for their culinary endeavours, allowing them to expand their reach and cater to a wider audience.

Additionally, this acquisition grants Around Noon a roster of esteemed blue-chip clients, enhancing their reputation and market presence. The Soho Sandwich Company’s dedication to excellence and quality aligns seamlessly with Around Noon’s own core values, making this partnership a match made in sandwich heaven.

To ensure a smooth transition and preserve the legacy of the Soho Sandwich Company, it will continue to operate under its own brand within the newly formed group. The current managing director, Daniel Silverston, will retain his position, steering the company’s success while benefiting from Around Noon’s expertise and resources. This continuity of leadership promises a seamless integration, with the best of both worlds coming together for a stronger, more vibrant future.

For the Soho Sandwich Company, this acquisition signifies an exciting new chapter in its remarkable journey. From its humble beginnings as a small coffee shop in North London in 2000, the company has flourished into a major player, manufacturing and distributing over 15 million sandwiches to delighted consumers across the United Kingdom. With Around Noon’s support, the Soho Sandwich Company can scale new heights, inching closer to its ambitious revenue target of £100 million.

As everyone witnesses this dynamic merger between Around Noon and the Soho Sandwich Company, the future of the food industry looks brighter than ever. The collective strengths of these two entities pave the way for groundbreaking culinary creations and innovative solutions. The acquisition serves as a testament to the resilience and adaptability of companies in an ever-changing landscape, proving that even amidst macroeconomic challenges, the spirit of growth and evolution prevails.

So, in conclusion, the acquisition of the Soho Sandwich Company by Around Noon marks a significant milestone in the food-to-go industry. With the combined strength of their talented teams, expanded production capabilities, and an array of blue-chip clients, Around Noon is poised for greatness. As they embark on this exciting new journey, we eagerly anticipate the delectable delights and innovations that this partnership will bring to the ever-hungry British public.

News Credits: Around Noon acquires The Soho Sandwich Company

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