Thomas the Baker Invests in New Koenig Combiline to Meet Growing Demand

Yorkshire-based Thomas the Baker has made a significant investment in a state-of-the-art Koenig Combiline to keep up with the escalating demand for their freshly-baked products. As a family-run business, Thomas the Baker takes pride in delivering a delectable range of savoury staples, including bread loaves, rolls, pork pies, and sausage rolls. 

Additionally, their repertoire also extends to mouthwatering sweet treats, such as Yorkshire curd tarts and Helmsley H’eccles cakes, which are local favourites cherished by customers.

To bolster their production capabilities, Thomas the Baker procured the new Koenig Combiline from equipment specialist European Process Plant (EPP). This cutting-edge machinery was installed at the bakery’s Helmsley site, nestled on the outskirts of the picturesque North York Moors. The Koenig Combiline has the remarkable capacity to churn out an impressive 9,000 rolls per hour, ensuring a steady supply to the 29 bakery shops across the county.

EPP, the trusted supplier, also emphasised that this recent investment will enable Thomas the Baker to diversify its product range. The Combiline’s production process includes a crucial resting period for the dough, opening up new possibilities for the bakery. With this capability, the bakery can now effortlessly introduce additional items, such as hot dog rolls and half baguettes to their menu. 

Moreover, the line also facilitates the manufacturing of batched products like hot cross buns and teacakes, offering even more variety to their discerning customers.

A noteworthy aspect of Thomas the Baker’s investment journey was the invaluable support provided by EPP. Prior to making the purchase, EPP organised a visit for the Thomas the Baker team to a thriving craft bakery in Scotland where a similar Koenig Combiline was in operation. 

This firsthand experience allowed the Yorkshire bakers to witness the impressive capabilities of the machinery and gain inspiration for their own operations. Additionally, a master baker from Koenig visited the Helmsley bakery, sharing valuable expertise and offering on-site guidance.

EPP further solidified their commitment to Thomas the Baker’s success by providing comprehensive training and support to the bakery engineers. This collaborative effort aims to optimise efficiency and enhance production processes for the new Combiline. 

What’s more, EPP’s long standing relationship with Thomas the Baker is evident, having previously supplied essential equipment, such as MIWE roll-in ovens, a Comas DV depositor, and a Comas pie line. The steadfast support from EPP, including assistance with the moulding head, enabled the bakery to continue operations smoothly until the time was right for an upgrade.

In conclusion, Thomas the Baker’s investment in the new Koenig Combiline represents their dedication to meeting the growing demand for their beloved baked goods. With the ability to produce up to 9,000 rolls per hour, the bakery can effortlessly supply their estate of 29 shops throughout the county. 

Moreover, the incorporation of the Combiline also unlocks new possibilities, which will allow the bakery to expand its product range and introduce more enticing additions, like hot dog rolls and half baguettes. 

With the unwavering support of EPP and their extensive experience in providing top-notch bakery equipment, Thomas the Baker is now well-equipped to maintain consistency, maximise efficiency, and continue delighting customers with their delectable and cherished creations.

News Credits: Thomas the Baker expands production with new equipment

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