Bakkavor Achieves Significant Reduction in Carbon Emissions and Food Waste

Bakkavor, a leading fresh food producer operating in the United Kingdom, United States, and China, has proudly announced a remarkable reduction in net carbon emissions of almost 19% for the previous year, as shared in its highly anticipated 2022 (ESG) Environmental, Social, and Governance Report

This notable achievement follows the company’s recent investments in cutting-edge refrigeration upgrades and innovative energy initiatives, solidifying its commitment to sustainability.

In its pursuit of a greener future, Bakkavor has set an ambitious goal to reach Net Zero by 2040. To ensure transparency and accountability, the company has implemented a quarterly group-wide carbon footprint analysis, enabling comprehensive monitoring and effective implementation of sustainable practices across all business operations.

The comprehensive ESG report not only highlights the substantial decrease of nearly 16% in food waste year-on-year but also outlines Bakkavor’s determination to halve food waste by the end of the decade. 

Through a combination of efficient production processes, enhanced supply chain management, and proactive waste reduction measures, Bakkavor has successfully lowered overall food waste within the business from 9.15% to just above 8%. 

This achievement translates to a significant 6,000 tonnes of food saved, further reinforcing the company’s commitment to combating global food waste and promoting a more sustainable food system.

Commenting on the company’s environmental progress, the Head of Bakkavor’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy emphasised that achieving Net Zero has become a primary focus for the group. 

Recognising the importance of collective efforts, Bakkavor is working closely with its supply chain partners to decarbonise operations and minimise the environmental impact throughout the entire value chain. 

What’s more, despite the industrial-wide headwinds faced by the company in the past year, Bakkavor takes pride in its substantial progress and remains dedicated to continuous improvement.

Looking ahead to 2023, Bakkavor acknowledges the challenges that lie ahead but expresses confidence in the strength and alignment of their ESG agenda with their overarching business strategy. The company believes that the integration of sustainable practices will not only reinforce their purpose but also contribute to positive growth in a responsible and sustainable manner. With a commitment to reducing environmental impact and fostering resilience, Bakkavor’s ESG agenda serves as a crucial driver for long-term success.

In addition to their commitment to reducing food waste and carbon emissions, Bakkavor has taken notable strides in other sustainability initiatives. The company has significantly increased the amount of surplus food that is redistributed, delivering an additional 1.5 million meals in 2022 alone. Out of these, an impressive 360,000 meals were distributed to charitable organisations, benefiting communities and contributing to the fight against hunger.

Moreover, Bakkavor has made substantial progress in reducing plastic waste. In the UK, the company achieved a remarkable 12% reduction in plastic volume, demonstrating its proactive approach to minimising environmental impact. 

Notably, Bakkavor has also achieved the milestone of making 100% of its plastic packaging either reusable or recyclable. By embracing sustainable packaging solutions, the company aligns with global efforts to create a more circular economy and reduce plastic pollution.

In response to evolving consumer preferences, Bakkavor has also expanded its range of vegetarian products, catering to the growing demand for plant-based options. With more than half of its products now being vegetarian, Bakkavor not only supports sustainable and healthy dietary choices but also acknowledges the importance of reducing the environmental footprint associated with traditional meat production.

In conclusion, Bakkavor’s achievements in reducing carbon emissions, decreasing food waste, increasing surplus food redistribution, reducing plastic volume, and expanding their vegetarian product range exemplify their strong commitment to environmental sustainability and corporate responsibility. 

The company’s Net Zero goal has become a driving force, propelling them to innovate and collaborate with supply chain partners, and continuously improve their sustainable practices. 

As Bakkavor faces the challenges of 2023, it remains optimistic and steadfast in its dedication to its ESG agenda, driving positive change, and ensuring long-term growth in a responsible and sustainable manner. 

Moreover, by setting an example within the industry, Bakkavor strives to inspire others to also embrace sustainability and work collectively towards a greener future for all. 

News Credits: Bakkavor slash emissions and food waste in new ESG report

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