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  • Sturdy structure, made in special aluminium, which guarantees lightness and makes them suitable also for harsh working conditions
  • 10 m cable for connecting the platform to the indicator
  • IP68 stainless steel load cells
  • Backlit touch screen display on the indicator
Part Number WWSCK12
Pad Dimensions 12,000kg / 30,000kg
Capacity 500 x 400mm or 700 x 450mm
Manufacturer Dini Argeo
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Specific Kit for the manual static weighing of axles. It comprises two portable wheel weighing pads WWS series and a touch screen weight indicator 3590ETKR series, with integrated printer. The user interface is clear, simple and intuitive and displays in real time the weight of the axle, the total weight, the tare and the identification code of the vehicle. The ticket reports all the weight data, in order to facilitate registration and traceability.